What's wrong with my win rate?

So I’ve been playing this game for so long. And all of the sudden this weekend (from 10/02/2024) I’m losing battles. I just don’t know what happend, when I play a battle my team is death at half game while my team usually lasts until the end. Some explanations? It’s so annoying with this.

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It happens idk why but sometimes you get 1 of them days and it all goes wrong and you feel like packing it in, then the next back to normal.

Or you have said something bad about gaijin or used a booster

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I never use boosters or said anything bad.

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Russian teams in that BR are pretty useless, specially since they lost his undertiered Kv-1zis5 and Kv-85 they sucks hard.

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Unless you’re in a squad during a match that might actually work together, you are counting on a random bunch of other players to “team up” and win matches.

There are all kinds of factors why you could be suddenly suffering losses. BR uptiers with a lineup that can barely compete, BT-7 players rushing caps so they can tab out to jump into a PE8, players ignoring caps and rushing to spawn camp on of the enemies spawn, bad luck, and on and on.

If that happens I tend to switch the nation. Most times I try US first. Sometimes players use different nations for BP-Challenges and daily tasks or the event grind.
Can be frustrating if you wanna grind a tree. My worst loss streak was 13 losses in a row.
But believe me you will not feel that great when you get win streaks. Those pass by unnoticed. There are days where I win 80% of my matches and then there are days like today where I played british stock tanks …

Conspiracy theorist in me says that it’s hidden matchmaking mechanic for F2P game

That my friend is what on the streets is known as “Russian Bias Gaijin pls nerf”

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It’s the week end, with basic week-end only players that are thinking that One Death Leaving (ODL in short) is the way to play the game.

Play tomorrow and you’ll see it being better.

If you listened to half the people on this forum the screenshot the OP posted is a Gaijin sponsored psy-op.

Inb4 T-80BVM gets down to play with T-34s to balance it out

How far have you got with Britain?

6.3 using the Ratel 90, FV4005, Skink and finally the Strikemaster Mk.88, what a beast.

USSR winrates have tanked