What's Wrong with British Tanks?

Oh, if the correction was in 2017 then I understand the issue people have even less.
It performs with flaws of course… bouncing on slopes it shouldn’t for example even tho that is an aim issue. However, I’ve always aimed for non-composite turrets with HESH, and of course anywhere on light vehicles, and it functioned well.

HESH, much like an HE round, I imagine gets eaten by tracks easily both IRL and in-game, so I always avoided hitting tracks.


What’s wrong with British tanks?
well everything HESH nerfed Chally 2 TES nerfed and other thing of British got nerf

Meanwhile in the game:

footage missing

Oops, I don’t have the game installed. :D

You might want to include the detailed simulation

In-game its nearly exactly what is pictured. Penetration with almost completely minor fragments. Usually 1-2 dead crew.


I’ve got a 10.3 lineup and I enjoy playing my Challengers though I’m not really good.

the 10.3 line is one of the best line ups Britain has

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APDS and solid AP are dogwater because of Gaijin’s incompetence, which makes much of the UK’s already middlin’ tanks borderline unplayable.

Oh, and HESH?

Lol lmfao. Don’t even bother.


HESH is solid now imo, it works well enough basically acting as HE but with pen which is a improvement of what it was before in its non functional state as just HE but with no explosive.

Yeah, nah.

Bout 3 weeks ago.
Cent AVRE.
T-55 eating a HESH round right on the cupla so hard the tank actually had the right side tracks clear the ground yet take zero substantial damage when IRL it’d be a slag heap.

No, HESH doesn’t work and should not even be attempted for usage until Gaijin stops sitting on their ass and actually fixes it.


I personally havent had any real issue using it that i couldnt chalk up to anything but my own shot placement, sure actual AP rounds (whether they be APFSDS,APDS or other forms) are better against actual MBTs, but it works perfectly well against lighter vics and against MBTs or the superheavies it does enough damage to cripple them usually.

Hmm yeah I guess so

I’ve also enjoyed the mid tiers

competent at 7.7? what are you talking about?? apds not bad? its so inconsistent of that and the 20pdr is basically useless against ussr ufp’s which is pretty horrible since you have to aim for thin part on turret with a supposedly “high pen round”. the hesh on 120mm as well, super inconsistent, but the long reload makes it 2x worse, here’s a typical conqueror engagement: *fire round, *round fails miserably - does zero damage, *try to reverse, *get shot through paper thin mantlet getting your breach, *die. Dont get me wrong, these tanks arent terrible, its just inconsistency of the rounds that make them sub-par, i think anyone would prefer any gun with aphe over british 7.7 guns…

I know very well what I said because I base it on my experience. I really enjoyed the 7.7 with the vikers mk1 Royal Ordnance L7A1 105 mm. It was so good that I see they have upgraded it to 8.0 BR. This gun is a beast.

The Conqueror has a 120mm Ordnance QF which is very good, it has a long load but is very tough. ALL TANKS suffer from barrel breakage.

As a third option I used Centurion Mk 3 which is the only one that has the 20pdr and is a more than acceptable tank.

Shell shattered.

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HESH projectiles have a very particular function, a while ago I realized that the damage of the HESH goes in a straight line in reference to the armor in which it hits, let me explain: When you fire a HESH at the front of a T-55 The damage goes downwards, since it hits a plate at 60°, if it hits a plate at 0° the damage would go forward, destroying the entire tank.
That’s why with small caliber HESH projectiles you can destroy large tanks with relative ease if you hit key points, such as killing a T-10M with the 90mm HESH of an M48, you just have to hit that HESH in the bulge in it. the roof of the T-10M turret, since when hitting a plate that is almost vertical the damage will go almost downwards, killing all or almost all of the turret crew members.
Now yes, the bad thing and what makes the HESH a suffering is that in general terms they do not make a very large spalling cone, they are mostly slow bullets so to ensure the shots that I have explained before you would need a laser rangefinder or aim and luck ,and finally the fact that HESH lack overpressure damage despite being HE ammunition but with the explosive damage directed mainly forward.

They was always problem with British in this game and with bs chance to sabot they leave you with option to shout AP that is 2 or 3 brs lower now to mention the overall up tier for Stabilized gun but the tanks are so slow that don’t even need them

pure joke

no traverse speed
no armor on hull
no armor at the turret
bad ammunition
up-tierred as hell
no smoke even if they have irl
the entire tank is mobile weak spot enemy not even aim
they can’t flank because of the maps and horrible speed
they can’t hull down because turret is paper
Sabot needs to get fixed it is just BS right now

Ofc what you expect only Rus and Chinese had tanks that actually work .


Personally id like to send myself in a crate to Gaijin and when im inside, go and add spalling ricochay inside tanks. Would make Solid rounds be so much greater. Along with Chemical penetrators

Sweden also mainly Uses Apds mostly as its best ammunition since the APHE wont do much if you face russia since you cant pen them

My 5 reasons to play British tanks, especially 8.0-9.0

  1. exceptional gun handling
  2. exceptional gun handling
  3. exceptional gun handling
  4. exceptional gun handling
  5. exceptional gun handling

Mostly only cromwell hull have bad reverse gears. Have you people not played the panthers and Russia mbt? They make British tanks look like sports cars in reverse.

Most of the British tree are mediums, their armour is comparable to most mediums. Issue here is a lack of heavy tanks for some reason.

Good turret armour for their classes. Not sure where you get this.

Apart from shell shatter which is criminally bad and ruins several br now for Britain their ammo is regularly the highest penetrating, flattest shooting ammo for their br.

Br of most British tanks is questionable for sure. No argument on that.

Not really an issue.

Repeating the inaccurate comment on armour already stated above.

Maps not the British fault, all nations play on the same maps. The lie British tanks are slow is getting beyond a joke at this point. Tier 1 are all fast, crusaders are fast, Cromwell hulls are fast and at multiple tiers, fox is fast, rooikats are fast, Vickers varients 1 3 11 and 5, vmf5, and a couple challenger mbt and premium chieftain are fast. British tanks also maintain their top speed better off road so Max speed on stat card are misleading.

Again you repeat the turret armour lie. Turrets are strong, your also ignoring g the best gun depression in game and stabilisation and fastest gun stop for not stabilised guns as well as the fastest average reloads. Making Brits best over all hull down tanks in the game.

And you repeat the ammo statement again but specify sabot which British hardly use. I assume you mean apds? Either way you already mentioned ammo and I’ve already commented on that.