What's with the tiny battles? 5v5 Arcade?

Has the update changed something without asking? Haven’t played for a week and my last 3 games were around 5v5 or 6v6 arcade Ground Forces. Made for a pretty short (and stupid…) game when one player never joined and 2 quit after losing 1 tank… How do I get the standard matches back? The ‘Join active battle’ option is disabled.

What BR are you playing at?

Just low US stuff BR 4-5, it says 30-60 in the waiting room but when the match starts there’s like 12 playing…

WT mm bing WT mm.

Since the boycotts, the online player numbers, and the queue player numbers are very weird.
I think Gaijin saw player numbers dropping during the boycott, turned on some bots to inflate numbers, and then they just forgot to turn the bots off xd.

Dont recall 6vs6 games…i am assuming some bug or bad day…unless it is common somwhere…
I think far away in the past this happpened IN PLANES…but i stopped playing planes only, so not sure if it still happens.

In tanks i do see some 12vs12 (instead of 16vs16) on occasion…usually after some queue wait OR on console only games…but less than 10%

I’ve been running into a lot of similar games at higher tier GRB, as well; both night battles and regular battles have been loading in with very low player counts like 6v6’s and the like.