What's with the lack of paintjobs for Italy's jets?

Thanks for letting me know.

Yeah wish they added skins into ge or market place every week…instead of every update…

Maybe even mini events with historical skin rewards would be fun (nothing too grindy)

Im still pissed for example Japans F-15J came with NO ge skin whatsoever their F-15s are literally known for their plethora of liverys.

I would like to have more skins for props, only a few have researchable skins.

Its with a lot of aircraft, Germany, USA and USSR get so many more paintjobs compared to a lot of countries.

For aircraft ranks 6, 7, and 8, Germany has 7 extra camos while Italy has 19

So Italy has some of the most in the game.

Its cause most of them are stacked on the F-104s and not many others aircraft in those ranks. Plus they don’t even add proper camos and squadron paint schemes aircraft should have, they only add airshow paintjobs and just slap 4 onto one F-104.

It’s good to be the loudest.