What's with constant uptiering for Turm III?

Seems you can rarely get any match in realistic other than a full up tier. Strange how it go the revised BR to 8.3 which takes it into the highest bracket to include Tier 7.

Putting it plainly the Turm III doesn’t belong in a match with XM1s / T-64s, Conqs etc.

Makes it no even worth playing when this happens. I guess it’s the old bait and switch by the devs. Put a 8.0 BR on sale and let everyone but it and then up rank it to the top BR+ bracket so people buy a higher tier premium. Piss poor / dishonorable business practices if that’s the case.

Can Devs revisit the rankings please.

You are new to the game by the look of the number of battles played.

BR’s are supposedly determined by the success or otherwise of the tank across all games played with it.

They do get revisited regularly, and adjusted up or down - about once every 3 months.

Appeals like this have no effect.


Thanks Josephs_Piano. at least the subject is raised. What it does show is that the devs have clearly determined a BR that isn’t reflective, in my opinion of a suitable end result in matches.

I’m not new to the game having started in 2013, but maybe not a manic player either. :-)

I wish they would hurry up. I refuse to put time and money into this game whilst the appalling up tiering is happening.

How the heck does a Turm III belong in a match with IS-4, Maus, T-10 and T-55 just to name a few in the last match.

It penetrates all those tanks up front. He moves better, runs better … I wish those were his counterparts all the time. Many would sign

Bro, the only thing the Turm doesnt have is a rangefinder, it is more than capable at 8.3

TURM III has one of the best optic in the game, alongside Leopard 1 and RU251 where they can see things better than any other 8.3s/8.7s even some 9.0s, so use it as a sniper and utilize its stabilizer and you will always get to shoot first, when you can zoom that close to long range target you can easily make small corrections on where to hit.