Whats up whit map rotation at 11.0?

Why is soo mediocre? Things?80% of maps are 1kmx1km. Why gaijin you do that?


f.ck you gaijin developers bigger masp asre more funny but you ruin our game…

Cause the majority prefer small maps.

Very few people Ive seen talking about it on the forums prefer small maps, so it must be the silent majority that play the game that prefer them if thats the case.

God damn city maps are awful and I hate them all

but they do favor stock grind and slow-ish mbts.
Imagine trying to kill a russian mbt with heatfs, no lrf and stock mobility 3km away.

It can also be argued that its fast paced nature can be thrilling when the enemies don’t back down

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Map rotation?

Never heard of him.