What's this? OO

farm bot’s capturing random battles?

What br was this?

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@Laserdestroy_1 3.3 all bots at Kerchs. there was my friend - ninjadoge - thx him for info about that battle )

yup, there is a tone of them on the lowest BRs

i’m playing at 3.0-3.3 more than enough - first time see such thing

Lot of bot-users

There are certainly spikes of them, but they date back like half a year now or so. More of them are on non european servers, and they do come in waves, since back then they mostly used kerches and now they seem to prefer satsuki.

What’s weird: none of them was banned yet. Although I reported 2 of them with explanation.

I mean if it wasn’t for the bots you would be playing Naval with the 4 other guys that play it.