What's the point of playing germany with hungary in italy?

Im not complaining about anything
In fact im even happy with what they have now
But what’s the point of future playing it if italy and Hungary are constantly signing contracts with rheinmetall?

I hate how focused on worst part of the game entire community is.


Don’t overestimate our economy XD

Thats gonna be future and not rn, plus are you the one in charge for whatever BW buys? Is that how yknow there will be absolutely no contracts?
Or that KF-51 EVO and 2A8IT are getting sent tomorrow and Gaijin is adding them next update outright?
Because thats all that seems to be the message here.

Italy got its first somewhat “META” equivalent as of RN and it cant have that.
Probably loudest Italy was ever talked about lmao.

Or do you think that nation mains will give up once they see their actual MBTs get added?
It’s completely putting a cross on Gaijin adding another demo tank to Germany or a prototype, not really a new way for any nation.


Nope but that’s obviously the next top tier german mbt
There’s nothing in between other then small 2a7 packages which idk if they’ll be added… But overall yea that’s the next leopard

Will they be added or not all of them would be nice, it’s literally another “Meta” vehicle getting added to lineup. And again nations dont get just what they ordered, they get prototypes as well, something Germany TT will most likely result to.

What prototype Germany has particularly mbts?
I just genuinely didn’t heard of them rather then aps packages for 2a7 and 2a8

Again 2A8, as long as its not ordered what would it be?
Or would you already say its already long production vehicle of BW?)))

Aye im just saying what I’m reading on the internet
As far as i know 2a8 does have Germany in their contract

It doesnt need to be in contract or to be bought to end up in TT.

Ofcourse germany will get them first i have no doubts
But can you agree some of the countries I’ve mentioned will also use them as they have active contracts on some of the specific mbt’s mentioned in that post

Here’s a reason for you:

Not everyone needs to play just top tier, there’s this whole section from Rank 1 to 6 that one can still enjoy, everyone that harps on “why play Germany” straight up pretends that Rank 1 to 6 doesn’t exist and that you can’t “find enjoyment” in those ranks and BR. Said ranks and BRs are also significantly significantly better than what Italy has currently.


The post is specifically meant to point out stuff above that BR obviously because not everyone wants to play low tier
Therefore that’s the reason people keep grinding for top tier
So this is irrelevant no one asked about low tiers that’s not what the post aiming towards

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And that’s exactly why I pointed this fact out here, you may not like low tier, but I definitely enjoy Rank 1 to Rank 6 still, I go back to Rank 3 and 4 from time to time cuz top tier can be hectic and annoying to play. Some of you might not enjoy low tier, doesn’t mean that other German players don’t like to play low and mid tier.

Then as a German main, you should also learn to enjoy other German vehicles, and not just modern German vehicles.

Better yet, why main a nation? If you like German made vehicles, you should learn to enjoy them regardless of any nation they are in. German vehicles are not exclusive to Germany, as a shocking matter of fact, since other countries also do buy and use German made vehicles, and even license produce them for their own use case.


You may be right but again it’s irrelevant to my post as it’s not what being discussed here
I didn’t really asked what br people like to play or if its worth trying
Im talking specifically about the future of top tier

I still see it as absolute relevance, but I digress. Since you want to talk about top tier, sure, we can stick with it.

Italy is receiving Leopard 2A7HU and potentially Leopard 2A8 with much better jets currently.

Germany in the meantime looks like trash, but they have a bunch of modifications of different Leopard variants that can be added eventually like the Leopard 2 Revolution, Leopard 2 140mm, the entire Leopard 2A0 to 2A3 series, Leopard 2A7A1, Leopard 2A8, Leopard 2A6EX, Puma with Spikes, so on and so forth…

As for the air they can still get the Eurofighters, and with the Swiss hunter already in the German tech tree they can also get Swiss F/A-18s, and potentially Argentine F-16s for all we know, and they’ve also ordered F-35s which are slated to be delivered by 2026 IRL. So no, the “future” of German tech tree is still bright and shining, even if it looks bleak for now.

We good now?

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1 question please: you think Germany will get this ground? I don’t think so…

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They may or may not, the future is not something we can see or know, I’m just saying Germany has the options for all these while Italy is severely lacking options to begin with, otherwise Hungary wouldn’t even be a consideration at all.

Whether the vehicles come to game is still Gaijin’s decision, but we can always make suggestion posts to give Gaijin ideas, with the appropriate documents and such to implement such vehicles in the future.