What's the point of playing germany with hungary in italy?

Kind of a genuine question i saw people argue about that alot, claiming Germany is too op that other countries deserve to get a copy paste of it
I mean
Yea leopard 2a7 is indeed really good
But that’s the tip of the spear for that tech tree
As puma completely useless without a spike especially at this BR
And spaa’s are rather decent
The light tank cavalry is swift but not that technically advanced aswell

So coming to the conclusion does adding leopard 2a7hu to italy basically replacing ariete
Really still leaving german top tier still uniquely stronger?
Why german mains would need to grind Germany if italy literally becomes one with better options? Better aviation aswell
That’s a genuine question
That came as result of using common sense

Also mentioning rheinmetall already have contracts with Hungary about leopard 2a8 and future kf51 panther (120mm version)

Meaning italy in the future would be a literal german copy paste
So that adds to knowledge

So what’s the point as a german main? I main Germany because i liked german made vehicles
When Sweden first got their leopards along with finnish i kinda ignored it cus well it wasn’t that bad and Finland doesn’t have that wide range of leopard veriants
That being said
Adding hungary to italy basically making it second german tech tree what’s the point really
Someday leopard 2a8 will be added
Would it be added to italy aswell? They literally signed on the contract
What about future kf51 panther? Eurofighters? What would be the point of playing germany?


Try out new things, spend some GE and grind out a new tree

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Honestly it’s not really the problem in money
Many german mains i believe wouldn’t want to play italy no matter how many leopards they will get,
Most people who main germany is out of fanatics, patriotism and other obvious reason
Just like french mains

Don’t play if you don’t see the point, it’s up to you.


Average russian main comment

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Turns out a single 2A7V equivalent replaces 2A7V with 3 other Leopard 2s. Italy has Arietes for backup which are considerably worse and theres still lack of SPAA with Rolands or whatever development German top tier SPAA carries.

Not tied to a specific TT, theres a lot on each TT.


Aight Sherlock what if we look further into leopard 2a8’s? Which hungary has contracts with
Same goes for kf51 (bundeswehr still haven’t decided if they even want them)
Clearly one day leopard 2a6 and 2a5 will become as irrelevant as 2a4 is now
German engineering is still kickin but how gaijin is going to cope with the bundeswehr becoming soft over the years?

And again do you see them right now in the game?
Last I check none of them ready or sent, recieved.
Yet you already say it like they have been added to the game.
In no way Italy replaces Germany as of RN and I highly doubt will even in the future, as even then Germany TT will expand.

Same way they treated anyone soft in game, giving out prototypes or trialed vehicles.

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2a7hu is already in dev server
Worth a check before you say stuff

If you’re talking about future tanks
Then maybe not now
But it will eventually come to this

I know that but wheres Italian Leo 2A8IT and Hungarian KF-51 you had to mention despite no real life trace of them?

Average German reaction


Keep playing with your 20 veriants of t80’s and objects you’re irrelevant

I’m not even Russian main lol


So all you do is simply pull out of ass thinking Germany will continue being given none despite recent additions and complaining about one vehicle, and two other Gaijin cant even currently add.
All while there is not such thing blocking it from being added to Germany, but top tier BR’s, balance of nations in updates and etc.

There is real life traces as Hungary already signed contracts with rheinmetall about a 120mm version kf51 evo
And leopard 2a8 which i believe going to enter service really soon

Ehh whatever you’re a fanboy of

He literally mains probably hardest nation to ppay -Italy yet you call him russian main for russian nickname?
Whatever you say then USA main :D


The German TT is more than just one top tier MBT…

Just because Italy gets a c&p Leo2A7, doesnt mean the entire German TT is irrelevant now.


So soon that Gaijin cant add them anywhere close in the future. And in no way tank production or export is a fast thing.