What's the point of keeping them?

at this point the tow-2b has been nerfed into such useless oblivion, they should just be removed from the game. It’s a shame that this missile got nerfed into oblivion because it makes the higher bradleys basically useless at the tier they are sitting at, unless they get a downtier (even then the tow-2b will not get a kill on any armor. you’re kidding yourselves if you think this variant of the tow is only capable of tickling armor.

so, if they have reached this level of decorative uselessness, then it’s time to remove them. there is no point in making players grind out a module that only doesn’t upgrade the capability or playability of the vechile, it decreases it. the tow-2b’s at this point of the game are no more than party poppers that serve to tell the other team precisely where you are.


For some reason TOW-2B is exploding in mid air if a teammate if nearby. I know TOW-2B should explode if it flies over a teammate but the issue is TOW-2B is exploding even if the teammate is 10 meter away from me(not in the path of my missile).