What's the point of free RP?

What’s the point of free RP?

To convert it, you have to spend GE, thus its point is obviously to make money. So why even have it? Why not just let you GE out the remainder of whatever vehicle’s research directly like you do with modifications?

Anywho that’s all, just wondering how on earth anyone spends 12 million free RP


woah bruh have you been on premium ever since you started? i have around 11k battles and i have 18mil free rp. oh btw forget about it. its literally the most useless system ever.

Should be renamed “expensive rp”


I ground out much of US jets with F5c, now finished US tree and am trying to speed run RU planes too, so yeah lots of prem lots of rp earned. Though I’m not entirely sure how I have quite that much, since I’m pretty sure free RP is 1:1 with earned RP and I definitely have not earned 12 million RP

It is to encourage you to provide Gaijin with income! :)

I use it to complete modules that are only a few points away from completion.

Also buy repairs and firefighting for ships and tanks!!

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Restricts people just paying for TT research. You have to play as well as pay as you need to accrue convertible free-RP.

Of course it limits such players to premiums to skip the game but premiums were not quite as predatory or game changing as some are now across all modes.

Chances are it is all explained in the wiki.

well for the whole TT plus mods u probably have got that much

hehe if you think 18 is a lot…
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I shall now go and re-evaluate my life for 15 seconds…

and I have actually used quite a bit over the years . . . if you play a lot, it just keeps piling up . . . lol. But I know several others that even more than me . . by a good deal. It would be nice if we had other options to use this stuff, and maybe even some that do not involve the use of real money . . . lol, but either way . . . it’s there if you need it . . .

i was about to say cyka blyat but then i saw the guy below ya and…

Free RP is just for whales or if you want to pay 50$ to unlock a TT vehicle.
The only real use is converting the last bit of RP on a module and bypass the SL cost.

It’s just system to scam players. Its is cheaper to buy premium vehicle for Eagles than converting exp into research points. Only Whales use it and for whales it was probably designed.

There’s always a bigger fish

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Not really. It stops players buying ahead without playing as it is limited by the amount of crp you require, which has to be earned.

Premiums are immediate gratification without needing to play at all and play at most areas of the game.

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you say it^^


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Would cost me only 3.739.640GE or 17.100€ (150* the pack with 25k GE)

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Gaijin could at least offer us some kind of possibilities for spending those RP’s for “something” … maybe to purchase a vehicle or convert them into SL’s or GE etc. I have >100 mill. RP’s and I think it’s some kind of “stupid” numbers adding up for no reason. I just want to get rid if them.

off topic: how’s your grind of russian planes going?

200k to the SMT, and the entire attacker line. I’ve been waiting on this stupid sale to get a prem account again

To convert it, you have to spend GE, thus its point is obviously to make money.

So why even have it?

… to make money. Like you literally just said the point was yourself. So… why did you ask a question that you answered in the OP, lol?

Oh nice dude, still stuck at 4.7 myself, even though it’s my first nation haha.