What's the most top heavy tank?

Just a little head scratcher but what’s the most top heavy tank in wt? (basically a slight turn that’ll flip the tank if your not careful)

Strv74, Pvkv II, but they made it so they cant tip over

I’m not sure there are many tracked vehicles in game that will do this, however I can maybe imagine something like the M6A2E1 or Strv 74 having this issue, though i think their speed would save them most of the time. You certainly can do this in a number of wheeled vehicles though, such as the Daimler or Fox, purely because they are 4 wheelers that can reach quite high speeds.

challengers two, he is the heaviest. :)

just heaviest.

AuF1 seems unstable too.

Irl the KV-2 was notoriously top heavy and had severe mobility issues as a result and didn’t handle well on sloped or uneven ground. With the large boxy turret and high mounted gun it’s hardly a surprise. Is the game version any different?



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Oddly the only vehicles I have a problem with tipping over was with the Pz 38(t)s. From speed, trying to hook a turn will roll it over every time. Probably something in the fisucks model for it not having enough magnets.

Though, the centurion platform is pretty stable from what I can tell.