What's the most ground target you killed

What’s the most ground target you killed?

41 today. I don’t recall a game where I had more.

40 for me, cannot get more because no tickets left for enemy :(


Only 11 so nothing too special.

if we are talking about all battles ( except custom ) Then I have got a ton before in air arcade. However I am not going to put a number because I don’t have a screenshot and people will jsut say “Seeing is believing lier” But hey. They have a point xD

Mine was over 70, going to have to look for the screen shot as it was a good match

Depends on what you are playing,

air to ground kills zero, I don’t fly.

Ground to ground kills, think my max was 16 @ BR 4.3, had a hot streak going that game.

40 something in top tier maps