Whats is a rat tank?

Ive heard some people say the M22, BT-5, L3/33 or BT-7A is a rat tank but I dont understand the concept of it. Can someone please explain what it is?

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Probably an American kid trying to invent a snappy phrase.

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A rat vehicle is generally a small (for ground and naval) or fast (for all modes) vehicle that is very annoying to deal with.

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Fast, small, annoying, and very potent when multiple starts attacking you.


Low profile, good mobility, light weight to sneak on enemies.

Cons are weak armor, limited crew, low or average pen.

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Its also then a small fast tank used well out of its intended RB ,such as an M22 or BT5 at 6BR to catch a point and get enough SP for a plane. You can kill a Panther with a M22 and I guess its like watching a rat take down a dog or something.

No one cares if it was meant to be used at 2.0 or not. It remains effective even at higher battle ratings under good hands.

I’ve been killed by a M22 once in a 9.0-9.3 tank in Ground AB, I had no gun due to another enemy tank and that little β€œrat” was able to flank my tank and finish me off. Not my finest hour.

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Thanks for the feedback, I almost killed a panther with a BT-5 but it turned around cuz I didnt kill his river, but then my teammate shot him so it was good

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I didnt say it wasnt ,stop being a troll

I got taken out by a BT 5 while in a panther when I started .I also took out a couple of panthers in a M22 I had used to capture a Zone. Just get in real close ,its really funny. :) ,they cant hit you ,you are under the gun elevation