What would you recomend to get for sale? Talisman for J35D or buy J35XS

I have a whole Swedish TT, but i want a future grind for Gripen to be faster. And the Viggens are not great at all. So I’m thinking between these 2 option. Talisman that is cheaper for J35D, or Premium J35XS. Both had their + and -


  • 6 missiles
  • countermeasure (not much but still)
  • ballistic computer for CAS role


  • Only 1 gun
  • it is on 10.7 BR


  • 2x guns
  • still have 4 missiles
  • is 10.3


  • no countermeasures
  • no ballistic computer

So guys…what do you say, what would be better option? Feel free to add more pros and cons

Not having flares (even a small amount) will make you hate the j35d when you face 4+ a10/su25 every game.
The difference between 10.3 and 10.7 in this matchmaker is vertually nonexistent IMO.
Full uptiers to 11.7 is almost never gonna happen, however full uptiers to 11.3 is not uncommon when playing 10.3. Yes you wont see the full 9.3 downtiers, but they are very rare while playing 10.3.

TL;DR J35XS all the way IMO


I already played and fully spaded J35D…Before the BR cahnges it was horrible, but now it is pretty decent jet…but yeah. Still thanks

And regarding the guns, with 400+ games in J35’s i still find them hard to aim personally. Doesnt matter if you got 1 or 2, they are so far apart anyway. With the XS atleast you know that you have to account for the gun being on the right. If you try to aim in the center with the J35D while being too close then you will just shoot around them. So you have to chose to use one of the guns to hit with while close, so the extra gun wont matter there.

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Yeah. Drakens need their assist aiming like on Viggens…And the fuel tanks

Is there a dedicated technical thread for the Viggen?