What would be a good US rank III premium aircraft?

I’m not new to Warthunder but I have not much experience and I would like a recommendation for a rank III US aircraft that is easy to use.

The P63 is a good plane for beginners.
It can be used for BnZ or dogfighting.
Its armament is pretty decent: 4x .50s and 1 x 37mm cannon for shooting down fighters and bombers alike.


Unfortunately I don’t believe there are any easily accessible premium P-63s in the US tree.




Imho there is besides the rather rare


(just available via marketplace) version no real beginner friendly premium plane except the XP-50. And outside shooting at bombers in bombardier view it requires some experience due to heavy compression at higher speeds and has a rather low rip speed.

For a beginner i would recommend the TT P-39 N-0 and to add a talisman to it. If the fellow player has gained some experience the XP-50 is the 1st choice…

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Yes, well, when you use a title like that, you remember to rewrite the main subject in the introductory comment.
And instead of bugging me, why don’t you answer the question yourself ? 😎

Yeah I have been reading and the XP-50 comes up as good… And I have a little experience as mostly I just test fly premiums lol

The XP-50 and XP-55 are both highly capable. If you want something that’s less restricted to BnZ, there’s the Bf-109F-4 which is pretty good and easy to use, though not quite as capable as some of its adversaries.
I’d honestly recommend looking at Rank IV: the P-51D-20, Fw-190A-8, and Spitfire IXc can all be rightfully considered the best fighters at their BR, are very simple and forgiving to learn, and handle uptiers pretty well.
There’s also the P-47M if you’re looking for more of a CAS aircraft than a fighter.

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I would probably do the XP-50 as the other are higher BR and I’m not that good at the game yet.

It is your money and your choice.

In case you buy one: Avoid fights with experienced players - XP-50s flown by rookies are easy prey for any experienced pilot.

You might want to read this before you take off:

I just really wish Warthunder has testing place AI, as the test place only has AI ground testing…

I also was looking at the P-63A-5 for USSR is that any good?

The XP-55! It is super good!

It does, but you can only do it after you buy and crew the aircraft. There’s an option that lets you test aircraft in a battle against AI in the mission editor at the bottom left of the test flight screen. :)

There’s also just the test flight itself, but the ai planes don’t shoot back, and you can only shoot them down in realistic or sim

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Ok… I bought the XP-50

Yes they did

Good choice. Another one I would recommend is the US captured Zero, and the BTD-1 if you’re looking for a decent option for CAS in Ground RB.

190 A8, the best at 5.0??? citation needed

Well what I have realized I am bad at air RB. And I need a Lot of practice…