What will fill in the gap between the Yak-38M and Yak-141?

The title explains itself.

I just want to know what vehicles would be put there and their B.R.

Perhaps Yak-130, I’m just speculating however :)


Yak-28P (early and/or late configs), Yak-28URP, Yak-28-64, Yak-130, Yak-131

Hard to say at what BR’s though.

Hard to say at what BR’s though.

Undertiered as usual.

The Yak-130 and 131 are the most interesting I think, seem like they’d be a lot of fun.

Undertiered? We’re talking Soviets, not Americans.
Just cause American props are undertiered doesn’t mean everyone is.


I don’t think most of those yaks are going to be anything other than event/prem, and those always come out busted is the trend.

Also, I can name a dozen undertiered USSR planes.

No, the trend is vehicles are balanced.
Exceptions to rules aren’t trends.

Yeah… let me remind you that I don’t think you know what the word balanced means, or are capable of accurately judging a vehicle’s capability. Straight up.

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In theory, the Yak-28 could be placed inbetween the Yak-38M & Yak-141 however there is two main issues that hold it back, firstly the Yak-28 can only use AAM’s and the AAM’s are mediocre at best (R-3S’s, R-3R’s, R-13M’s and R-8’s), the only other weapon I know of that the Production models utilize is S-5K rocketpods but I only see them mounted on the Recce & ECM variants of Yak-28. Which leads to the second Issue, because of it’s limited loadout the Yak-28 would either be completely useless or completely broken if we only use the loadout that the Fighter/Interceptor variants use depending on how it is balanced or combine the weapon loadouts of the Fighter/Interceptor variants with the Recce variant but doing that will anger the historical accuracy puritans in the process. Because of that unless the prototype variants of the Yak-28’s like the Yak-28-64 for example can utilize autocannons i highly doubt that the production Yak-28 Interceptor variants will be in game. The thing is that it is not the only fighter that is like this, the MiG-25’s and Su-15’s suffer from a similar issue though they do not have it as bad as the Yak-28 and this is not exclusively a USSR aircraft problem since you see a similar dilemma in some of the American Century fighters for example.

The Yak-130 & 131 can definitely be added but it would more likely to be in the Ground Attacker line since the Yak-130’s & 131’s are designed more around as a Advanced Trainer and Ground Attack aircraft than a true fighter aircraft

One possible addition is the Yak-26, a variant of the Yak-25 designed for a fighter-bomber role as an analogue to the French Vautour, however like with the Yak-130 & 131 it is possible if not very like for it to be in the bomber line instead of the Yak line

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Sounds like you’re closing yourself off to different perspectives in fear of information you buy into being incorrect.
I bet you think the German Mig-29 is inferior to the Soviet one.

I bet you think the German Mig-29 is inferior to the Soviet one.

Why on earth would I think that, in fact it’s better because it’s like ~200kg lighter

Then you agree with at least a portion of my underlying understanding.

can you explain what you’re referring to that I should be understanding

That weight matters when it comes to aircraft.

it can be MiG-29K.
Yak-38M/41 are naval same MiG-29K

Yak-131 doesn’t exist

It’s a planned armed version of the Yak-130 to replace the Su-25 fleet.

thats a normal takeoff and landing strike aircraft…

It’s project (wasn’t even bulit) of attack version of Yak-130 that was rejected in 2012 due to lack of armor.