What will be your reaction if this happend to you?

The result is already decided the moment you open it, like in CSGO lootboxes. The animation is the same thing those slot machines have to make you commit a gambler’s fallacy “I was so close to a vehicle, I’ll definitely get it next time”.

I just skip the animation to see the result.


Thats why I don’t let that happen to me.
The “rewards” are predetermined when you click on them. The whole “slot machine” effect is just a deceptive gimmick to make you think you might have won that big prize.

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I got addicted to it and spent -600,000 SL now I’m poor, but thats fine at least I got some booster to get it back



My prefered way to buy these lootboxes is buy 10-20 at a time, and on the bottom right there’s an open multiple button. So just open ten everytime.

Also if you want to actually use boosters effectively and already have a lot of SL, basically buy 20 everyday and use up the boosters, you’ll be speeding through research.


Happened to me this morning … exactly with the same tank ;-)

… but I’ve learnt not to get emotionally hung up on things like that and to move on. Because what difference does it make if I think about “would have, if, but”.

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My reaction is “meh, hope for better in a box somewhere sometime…”

For confirmation of what people are saying about he animation - jsut look at the rewards from an assault game - you get given the message about what you get, then the animation rolls… and you get exactly what the message says - wow!!

Eh. I wouldn’t play the Moderna anyway.

Well guess what? I actually got it yesterday


Same, thats why I open atleast 2 chests, so I skip this entire fake Animation

Wow congrats!

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Nothing, it is to be expected.


I spent several million and… forgot to open the chests. They disappeared.