What vehicles do you guys think will come next update?

First-off i dont want to see any of you arguing about statistics or performance. I will report it as off-topic.

So again Dont argue about performance this post is for the vehicles that you believe will arrive this update.

Just go to the rumor roundup thread lole.
Or it might be reported as off topic )))))))))

Yea, im tired of scrolling through an 40+ back and forth from different people arguing about the Leopard 2A7 or 2A8

So, no


You just have to read 1st page,…

JAS39 C for Sweden, the obvious preorders, and some more.

Ok, will remember ig

Well, if you think a separate thread can avoid the same ur 99% wrong. If it picks up traction it’ll get put into those kinds of situations and you lose the little moderation the actual RRD thread has. ( Reporting is cope by the way)

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Please use already existing topics related to upcoming Major Update.