What Vehicles are Sweden in most need of ”the wishlist”

To be honest, I am mildly amused that they chose to add an exceptionally obscure vehicle that never saw service when there are 9 suggestions that have been passed to the devs of, presumably, more readily accessible/researchable and arguably more interesting and desirable vehicles.

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There lies my frustration

Sure im looking forward to recieving our own rat 🐀 tank but, it should be a light tank.

gets cool and unique Swedish vehicle
cries about it

Sounds just like some of the germany stans on here. Be happy we’re actually getting an interesting vehicle rather than more copy paste. Everything doesn’t have to be super meta. Also, lvkv fm/43 would barely be any better than lvkv 42 and certainly wouldn’t fill any gap, unlike the 20 mm U-SH. The correct option for a 5.0 Swedish SPAA would be a truck mounted 23 Itk 61 or 30 Itk 62


That id be behind, more finnish stuff is always fun

Dont get me wrong it will be a fun vehicle, however i dont see it as being used as a SPAA

Gaijin probably didn’t see the playerbase using the bkan 1 as SPAA but it does that just fine in a pinch. U-SH 20 mm won’t be ideal but it will be a nice multi-purpose vehicle for the time being


Im just worried players will use it like the weasel or R3 T20. And ignore planes completely

Whats the pen on the cannon? Feels like at 5.0 its just gonna be like the Ystervark where you can use it against ground but it really works better as an spaa.

57mm at 10m?

Thats what i think anyway.

And its 5.7 yeaaa

Ah, then i doubt that people will be using it on anything but aircraft. Its a poor aa but it cant really be used effectively for anything else, like a Pbv 301 but in a tougher spot. 5.7 though, really? Feels like its to compliment the 5.7 tanks but still, i can see the br getting reduced later on.

Finnish bois would be great for the 5.0 with their 23mm trucks

Depends on the chasis, the r3 t20 is exceptionally fun to drive, when the m18 and the r3 were 5.7 i used to get nukes in full uptiers on wide open maps cause mobility is king. I dont think the USH will replace the yestervark in mobility but it will be better in viewing angles for the gun

Yeah the angles is what makes me hate the Ystervark, the tall cabin infuriates me. Do ye know if the turret rotation speed on the USH good though?

I think its like r3 iirc

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And the gun elevation for the U-sh is not stabilised. but its so fast it practically is anyway. The turret rotation is FAST for a Swedish vehicle.

It will be fine i feel. Bigger things are on my plate for what id like rn so have a new spaa will be cool.

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Such as? Finnish KV-1? Pvtgb 1111? What are you after?

Finnish leopard camos being corrected which will go nowhere just like all the other posts and camos for the gripen which will go no nowhere because gaijin doesnt really care. Really what i meant to say was go do another bug report and a suggestion or better known as waste 30 min writing stuff on a site that 4 people might see and go completely ignored for the next 2-6 years before being denied.

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What really pisses me off is that gaijin nerfed and removed the Proxy munitions for the Lvakan 48 on the VEAK 40 before they fixed the muzzle velocity issue!

Its supposed to be on par with the international L/70s The french the Italians even! These nations have the correct muzzle rate, but the nation that made the darn things gets put on hold…

Also muzzleflash. Thats what id like to see fixed for autocannon with muzzle reducers. Rn, its like being dragged to flashbang hell, every time i click my left cursor button!