What Vehicles are Sweden in most need of ”the wishlist”

What you need Medium tanks? I got you.

Strv m/42 TM, Strv m/42 TH, Strv m/42 TV And the freaking BBV m/42!

No? okie-dokie


Wait no wrong tank

Huh, i just realised scandinavia never utilised heavy tanks since their terrain wouldnt allow it

Now I’m not sure about the Churchill, but at least Panther was only acquired for testing rather than any intention of seeing service. I’d rather see something like AMX-13 being added as a 6.7 premium since it was actually seriously considered for service twice and tested in Sweden

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Best actually swedish tank options for rank 4 at this point is probably the other strv 74 which only differs in gearbox and would effectively be a copy paste lineup filler. While not proper tanks, there is stuff like the 122 PsH 74 (2S1) and 155GH52-SP-T55 as big gun vehicles for rank 4. BMP-25 or Pasi with the same 25 mm turret might work there too after the pbv 501 too but not sure

The fact that we still dont have the Strv m/40L with Rb 51’s is criminal

Swedish tank weirdness is honestly underrepresented in game, sure the 103 and 74 do their job but were’s this kind of stuff?


Why do I try telling people copy paste literally remove any fun from the game.

playing a Abrams vs Abrams, T80 vs T80, i just- ughhh

I can definitely accept modified variants or every once in a while rare premiums. that wont end up in every match.

Like the Norwegian M24 Chaffee with a AML-90 cannon or etc.

this is the kind of stuff I love to see!! Sweden is all about being weird and unique!

Getting articulated vehicles would do a lot of good for Swedish weirdness too

Hear me out


Indeed, the newest spaa ordered for testing by the Swedish army is one im looking forward to,
Triple RBS 70 NG launcher on a Bv 410, already like the 410 so this is fantastic.

At least one Kranvagn can be added lol.

Bandvagn 206 (Bv 206) with the LARS 110mm MLRS on the rear portion.


IMO the best unique Finnish tank options for rank III or IV would be the T-34-85 w/ Stuk 40 and Comet w/ 20 pounder



Got any pics? Dont think ive heard of it

I don’t know if a pic has been released, only info that the vehicle has been procured.
All i got on it, Its in Swedish though.

Probably something along the lines of this, as seen on Saab’s website (MSHORAD - Safe Sky - Secure Ground). This image only seems to be a render though. For War Thunder it would likely function as a worse ASRAD-R, having no integrated radar and only three ready missiles


Yeah probably, but if lucky it might be more similiar to the Eldenhet 98

looking a bit further they did show this thing off in 2023

Speaking of the bvs, this is derpy looking


They actually bought the amx 13 and i think its still in sweden, not sure what musuem it’d be in.

according to ointres, Försvarsfordonsmuseet Arsenalen in Strängnäs

I guessed it would probs be there