What Vehicles are Sweden in most need of ”the wishlist”

F-35 in sweden?? Huh?

Norway/denmark (i forgor which one) uses them

Skipping Finland huh?

Finland doesent use it??

Nvm they do… jesus

Yeah, all tech trees are going to end up with similar vehicles at top tier, if not from direct purchases of foreign vehicles then by sub-trees like Finland.

You know, now that the Kungstiger is coming, Sweden did also test a Panther A… (Joke)

Yea, please no. Id rather sweden get all its domestic armoured cars and other versions of the Strv’s L/60 and M/40K and other stuff… sure they are worse but atleast they arent C&P

If it means that more actually unique Swedish vehicles are made researchable rather than be made premium/eventt/BP, I wouldn’t mind it that much. I’m still annoyed about the pbil m/40

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Yea, gaijin does have a habit of doing this once the first picked vehicles of each nations are laid down. (So after a new TT is added thay have a habit of making good-decent vehicles premium. Or simply vehicle types that are rare in WT)

Why they do this why ofc, money!

So the unique TT vehicles that are first added draw people in the they see the cool stuff that are premium and ca-ching they have officially gotten ya.

Or they simply want italy to be the car nation and have sweden filled with its highly unique stuff. That is also a possibility

It is, ive been in the normal in service version its very smooth on rough terrain

Yes but i meant the weapons room on that thing, looks very comfortable to fight in. Quite a large space, youre alone so much legroom, a chair is present, very nice.

Ight so i checked more in to it and i think this was a prototype loading system as well as a gun stabilization test. So i think the loading system did work fully, the question is if it could fire the shots it loaded.

I’m pretty sure the cantilevered suspension makes it smooth as butter, similar to the Panther.

Im sure it was, the 103 is known to be smooth (Not represented in game) but this was a different form of stability test. They needed to test the stability of the gun to various interferences such as vegetation and elemental hindrances (Snow and such).

I mean, when the tracks are 2/3’s of your width, it’s gonna float on snow.

Doesn’t the 8mm have a tungsten “APDS” round?

not APDS, just tungsten core. its like a standard AP

So its just a AP with a Tungsten core.

Btw i found some new interesting information about the 3P ammunition for the 40mm Akan m/70 on the Strf 9040 vehicles.

We finally have our VERY Anti BMP munitions

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I just wish Sweden had more lower tier CAS for GRB, 1-4 BR