What use are bullets with more than 10 cm of penetration when they bounce off 2 cm of steel

Thank goodness that professors do so much to write characteristics and descriptions of things that are just fake. When ever do you see 75mm shells ricocheting like 9mm shells off the straight sides of tanks that have more armor than the front. Just bullshit, you might as well make floats in the shape of a Fiat 500. We’re not talking about planes that don’t suffer any damage even when they crash into you. Just stupid things designed with your feet.

Obviously shells ricocheted quite often in real life. Even just the fact that capped shells were invented (and are in the game) specifically to try and avoid this, should be enough to tell you that.

But any size shell can ricochet. Here’s a glancing ricochet hit on a giant naval gun by another one:


Way way bigger than 75mm… more like 200mm

If it’s just “anything thinner than the shell shouldn’t ricochet” in your opinion, then the game would be way worse that way. Imagine you’re in a panther, and a sherman just drives 6 inches out to one side and shoots your side plate at a 2 degree angle and kills you. You’d be in here making another angry thread instead of this one “WHY DIDN’T IT RICOCHET ERMAGERD!”!?!12111"


ever heard of angled armor?

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If angle of attack is too big shell bounce, it’s even advertised on statcard of any ammunition you use.


what the hell are you talking about, do you at least know a little about ballistics. It’s calculated in joules and the bullshit you say has nothing to do with it. EDUCATE YOURSELF before writing bullshit. A MASS, ON THE EARTH, has strength based on the weight and push it receives.
DO NOT write about things you don’t even know exist. warthunder away has to mislead you, it has physical rules given only by profit and don’t think in the slightest that the rest is true