What to do about teamkillers?

Recently there have been many people teamkilling me based on my flag and name (appearantly). Reporting them doesn’t even work. How do I deal with it without changing my name or flag?

What’s wrong with your nickname and flag?

Appearantly some ukranians (or ukranian fanboys) thought my nick was that of a russian.

As for the flag, you know what it is already

To add a bit more context, I put the russian flag after people thought my nick was russian

And that’s not surprising im lol

Doesn’t mean it’s deserved lol

Then remove the flag and the problem is over and that’s it, you made the problem yourself, and fix it yourself, that’s how much I’ll help you

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How did i create the problem when those UA kids teamkilled me first assuming I was a russian (im not). This was even before I put the flag out of spite.

But if that’s all you can advice then goodbye, have a great day

I feel like the player who is teamkilling someone based on that player’s percieved nationality is the problem.

Maybe we should just ban, Z V, UPA, SS squadrons, KGB, then maybe the problem will disappear, because without looking at it all means war crimes and there is no reason to be surprised that people react to such things in this way, that’s just my opinion.

We are talking about nationality. But yeah, get rid of those squadrons.

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As long as they’re chill I wouldn’t bother tbh. But as we see, that’s not the case

That’s what I’m saying. People teamkilling for this reason have negative IQ