What the hell happened to traction?

Man lately trying to climb hills - manuever etc I have noticed traction being just way horrible.

It’s really bad in wheeli bois - but even tracked vehicles suffer. Wheeled vehicles get to the point where its like ice skating.
Like whats’ weird in that some places you would expect the tires or tracks to spin but they just don’t. The vehicle just slogs like it has no power. All I can think is - HANS STEP ON THE GAS
Simple hills and stuff can be a struggle in certain vehicles that would have no problem with this in real life. Ive had vehicles just start sliding around too for no reason.


Isnt that part of the update where they removed all good sniping spots on maps so now we need to play like NPC convoys in EC?


They removed all those spots - made big maps for modern combat tanks smaller by removing flanking routes etc.

You can thank the light tank/gokart abusers in this case, rarely you saw any other tank in one of those spots.

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Wheeled vehicles are barely playable at this point…

The event car has 12 degrees of depression, but you can’t ever use it as it slides down the hill instantly. Not a single update that doesn’t completely break some aspect of the damn game.

Definitely blame the players/vehicles/“abusers” for a clear map design problem…

Also the 2 best sniping spots on jungle got ruined and you could use those with Maus. Like hell it’s the fault of these wheeled vehicles with literally ZERO traction.


Working as intended.

Gaijin said no.

And guess which tanks got the easiest into those spots? Yes WT has a Map design problem that often gets amplified by these gokarts as they are the most meta/broken vehicles ingame due to tankiness, damage output and abilities such as drones/scouting etc.

In the past the maps were “fine” for WW2, now we have the same maps for modern era where these things simply overperform. The last time such high mobility was a problem the tank in question lost 50% of its RL speed, so they dont have to change maps now they just dont care. Also keep in mind the last time they didnt change a thing to traction.

They did not fix traction - the new event vehicle cant climb anything and doesn’t drive like it should.

Light tracked vehicles with high hp/t ratio were always the best climbers. Rad used to be good, but has struggled even at the smallest hill for the last year or so.

So we agree that it’s by no means the fault of us players.

They literally said “while unsteady surfaces like snow or sand will become less friendly to wheels”…

As I said dont get me wrong in terms of not liking sniping spots, I enjoy sniping more than it is probably healthy for my sanity BUT the way who and how one class profits far too much from sniping spots is a simple game imbalance in itself. You said yourself most light tanks are not designed to engage MBT´s frontally but due to GJ´s idea of no armor best armor they sit at such a low BR that they can engage them frontally which only gets amplified by maps. Either they are at your spawn before you even got 100m out of it or are at a sniping spot killing you before you get 300m out of spawn. I dont mind getting sniped when the match somewhat has established itself a bit, but getting sniped 20-30secs into a match by a tank class that severely outperforms all its contemporaries is simply bogus.

If light tanks were also a 100% OHK if hit they wouldnt be such a problem but far too often you kill one or two crew and maybe a cupholder while he can 100% OHK you in your MBT due to having armor. Now add to that all the things such as having far better ammo, scouting, scouting drones, CAS SP reduction etc. in comparison to their BR contemporaries.

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