What the heck is going on!?

For the last two days there’ve been long waits, and when you do get a game it’s 4-5 man teams and always on the Ruhr map.

Yesterday there were about 2,000 game in play, and today, right now, there are 74,238 players on line, but only 1,748 battles in progress

And no mention of any of this anywhere. What’s going on?


Everyone playing Russia so that they can turn off their brain and seal club for the event. That leads to longer matchmaking wait times, otherwise we’d end up with 100% russia on both teams


F-5Cs aren’t Russian…

USA is the majority of the playerbase for both Air and Naval… and I’m talking like, by a LOT. Say, 7x the next closest nation. I doubt Russia has the majority in GRB.

I’m playing Air the last couple of days and also noticed this occurring no matter what BR what servers I select hmmmm

the Nr online is fake ther is bots in this nr to to make it look like alot is online

This is normal for WT. Concurrent users and “battles”, (which includes people dinking around in custom battles) fluctuates a lot.