What tank do we need in war thunder

Comment what tanks we need in war thunder low tier to high tier

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Generally, Heavies where nations lack them if possible so up to 6.7 for nations like Italy, Sweden, Japan.

Light/scout vehicles for Germany between 3.0 and 6.7. Possiblly, but less needed, by Japan with scout/light with the 3.3 to 6.0 gap.

SPAA for most nations where gaps exist.


Japan Main:

There are a huge amount. But the most needed right now for Japan is the CCV (anti-heli, anti-air and anti-tank) and the Chu-MPM (anti-heli and anti-tank)

Just with that. I can rest easy vs helicopters. Type 93 and Type 81 C wont have to suffer from locking onto them helis anymore when hugging the ground.

Ooo… and if we forget SA exists in GB, an actual homegrown set of lights up to 8.0 (Fox covers the top end, AEC I, II, and III at the lower end, no idea in middle).

(I know this is not specific vehicles generally, but these in my mind are needed, not just wanted).

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I would really like to see some norwegian tanks in the swedish tech tree, in low br they could add the m24 chaffee, and in higher br’s i would like to see the CV9030NO variant, because it is the same as the finnish variant, but with a javelin missile mounted on it, would be cool to have as a foldered vehicle.
They could also add the leopard 1A5NO2 as a non premium vehicle.
Would be nice to have a 1a5 at 9.3 for sweden (that’s not a premium).

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Having more Norwegian tanks would also open up doors for the NM-116. Granted, it’s a bit redundant with the Ikv 91, but Sweden’s 7.7 lineup is a bit thin anyway, wouldn’t mind having some more tanks there.


German and italian top tier arty, idk what just not what they have.

SPAA for Israel, don’t think I need to say more.

Panzer IV D, Panzer 38(t) C, I-Go Otsu, Mark IV, FT, Sturmi, 7TP jw., 7TP dw., TKS, Verdeja 2, T.15, M4A6, O-I

Also, VK 45.01 (P) and KV-2 (1940) actually being obtainable.

No way this guy is asking for ww1 tanks, the horror

I would love WW1 vehicles. Given, they’d probably need a type of arcade-like gamemode to make them a bit more fun and mobile to play, but otherwise there’s a lot of flavor and variety in that era.

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More SPAA for all nations.

More vehicles equipped with the Pvkan m/43 (75mm), it is such a good cannon…

FV601 Saladin and the FV101 Scorpion and scorpion 2. Could also throw a Scimitar or Sabre in there.

Adding some more to the low end of the br’s the Staghounds


Specifically to fill the gaps in the lines. No more having 2-3 AA at the same fucking br Gaijoob!

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From a British main standpoint, I would like to see some more SPAA that are not at 8.3, perhaps the stormer AD with a 30mm and stingers, and more light tanks, Ajax and warrior upgrades are top of my list

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Italy needs heavy tanks that are not premiums, its unfair for them only having a Tiger and its behind a paywall.

Britain needs its CVRT scout tanks for high-tier light tanks instead of bringing a fox or Rooikat to top BR. The Hobarts Funnies tanks could do with more representation than just crocodile, the sherman duplex and crab would be fun additions, as would the Churchill AVRE with its “dustbin launcher” gun
The Sexton 25pdr Self propelled gun would be a nice addition to have a low tier HE slinger

Germany needs a medium at 6.7 they have it rough enough with their players they need the help.

America could fill the void in rank 2 with their many experimental tanks, the M7 medium light and SPGs like the T40/M9

Polish tanks would be cool to see however the USSR really doesn’t need them as a subtree.

It would be cool if the British Male, whippet and international. As well as the french FT17 and Char St Chamond alongside the german A7V were added as tier 1 premiums (as tech trees they would ruin early gameplay like the french FCM did from being so obsolete)


An entire IFV and Light tank line for Israel. Also, a completed SPG line.

French light tank/scout and IFV at any tier


for France 4 to 5 light tanks of different types (105,120,40mm ctas and 25mm on something like the sphinx) as well as Leclerc prototype and the tech tree capability wise is about complete