What tank do we need in war thunder

Maybe the 5 cm Pak 38 L/60 armed one, but the E is the same, just a bit better and is allready 1.7 (tops) material and not 2.0. The 30mm turret front and 20mm side is just not all that great.

More Halftrack would be cool. Or overall pretty much all the well over 110 suggestiond i made here on this forum.

The Panzer VIII Maus.

I would live to see the German “Maus” that was developed towards the end of WW2, but didn’t see much action. Almost as big as a house with a huge gun.








That already is in War Thunder.

It was removed from the tech tree a few years ago, but it has been researchable for the last few anniversaries.

More support vehicles for all nations.

Some, like Italy or Israel, are in dire need of new SPAAs.

Others, like France or Britain, require new high tier light tanks (>9.3).

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An actual challenger 2. Not what Gaijin thinks a challenger 2 is like would be nice

Germany and Russia need a few more SPAAs…just so Gaijin can fill every .5 BR with one.

How do I ask them to please add them to the game

I agree. I would love to see some earlier vehicles in the game. There is already plenty of bi-planes but I think the game could use some more WWI tanks as reserve vehicles.

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Very true

Something I will always be a staunch supporter of is the P.43 series of tanks for Italy.
While they weren’t actually built in real steel, the P.43, P.43Bis and P.35/43 are quite within the realm of reality compared to other vehicles of its type, especially considering that parts of them were built and they had full-sized mockups. Unlike a lot of designs at the same stage, they’re fairly realistic concepts with proven armaments (75/34 cannon or 90/53 cannon), realistic armour thickness, reasonable specifications and heaps of documents. Not to mention that the Italian Ministry of War ordered them in significant numbers before the armistice.
As far as incomplete tanks go, the P.43 series is the most realistic choice possible.
And they are desperately needed, as Italy has no indigenous mediums from 3.7 up to 7.3. Given their specs, the P.43 would fit well at 4.3, the P.43bis would fit well at 5.0 or 5.3 and the P.35/43 would fit well at 5.7 or 6.0.

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