What strange naval vehicles would you like to see?

Basically (if naval got a bit more love) What different types of boats/subs/floater boats would be cool to have in wt? Anything from tiny river boats with a guy and a handgun to a submarine that could launch planes.

Ekranoplanes of course.

Libyan boat Izreg



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All amphibious tanks usable in Naval (also plz give Ka-Mi its pontoons).

Kitakami in her torpedo cruiser refit (Kuma-class with forty torpedo tubes).

Amatsukaze with her dorky replacement bow.

If we ever get duplicate refits of ships, the battlecarrier / aviation cruiser conversions of Ise, Hyuuga, and Mogami (alongside the ability to launch spare aircraft, which we currently cannot do).

Akitsushima with the ability to launch an H8K.

On a similar note, Commandant Teste with a bunch of small seaplane (Loire 130) and floatplane fighter (Loire 210) spam.

HMS Furious (Courageous-class with two single 18-inch guns).

HMS Lord Clive, a monitor with one twin 12-inch turret forward, and one 18-inch gun (same as above) fixed 90-degrees to starboard (ammo was moved by an onboard railway).

Surcouf, the sub with twin 8-inch guns.

Novgorod and Popov, the circular monitors.

And more that I’ll feel dumb for not thinking of right now.

Thx for your input Nano, we’ll make sure to skip over it on this post as this is about different vehicles you’d like to see in naval.

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Well I mean if I were to throw in something that would also be impractical then…

I don’t think I need say more

(And for those who don’t get it)


Behold the one and only HMS Furious, sister ship of HMS Courageous which we have in-game but even more absurd, as if 15-inch guns on a lightly built hull which was already developing cracks because of said guns wasn’t mind boggling enough, Furious got to be the special sister of the class (both jokingly and literally) as her design was modified to replace the classes 4 15-inch guns with a mighty 2 18 inch guns, but was never given both guns since Furious already being the special one got to take on the special role of being involved in the development of aircraft carriers as the forward turret was never installed and instead had a hanger for a single plane along with a ramp for it to take off and land.

Also not to mention the Soviet destroyer Engels which to be more straightforward with, was a former imperial Russian destroyer that in Soviet service had a 305mm recoilless gun bolted to the back of the ship.

Otherwise, being practical I would probably like to see Patrol Boat No. 102 added to the game aka the Clemson the US though they sunk and was taken into Japanese service and survived the war.

And as a bonus a naval vehicle which isn’t weird but is weird in how it has not been added to the game still, which is the Takao class cruisers.

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Russian Project 1232.2, Zubr class LCAC.

Just in case your wondering it’s the world’s largest Military Hovercraft - 63knts, Strella SAMs, 30mm AK-630s, 140mm rocket launchers…

Ridiculously impractical, although barely useful for capping points.

Users - Russia, China, Greece…so, Italian tree?

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ISE Carrier hybrid



Submarines will almost certainly come eventually and Surcouf will pretty much definitely come because it’s already an event vehicle in War Thunder Mobile.

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Mongolian Navy Patrol boat Sukhbaatar III

A few things to note…

  1. The Navy was technically privatised in 1997 and it now operated as a contracted border force.

  2. The term Navy itself was a stretch as modern Mongolia is landlocked and even the lakes with water borders aren’t exactly contested or major criminal routes.

  3. The ‘patrol boat’ is a tug donated by Russia.

  4. The boat is unarmed for normal duties although when annoyed the captains stare is lethal. Access to modern drone technology (if the passengers are willing, see 5!)

  5. Duties are usually centred on rescue standby, and tourist trips…yes the ‘Navy’ is essentially a pleasure boat firm!

6…oh come on, if 1-5 aren’t enough to get it in the game then you have a Blackened Soul!

Oh really? I’d been trying to mostly keep up with what unique ships/etc appear in Mobile, but I must have missed this. :O

USS Selfridge DD-357, Porter Class, 1945.

The 5 gun Moffet, unique through bad luck, bravery, necessity and improvisation!

The Porter class is synonymous with WT naval thanks mainly to USS Profit, but the story of the Selfridge is less well known and bucks the usual narrative of the ships being well armed but 1 shot ammo rackers.

To cut a long story during the Battle of Vella LaVella, 6th-7th October 1943, she ate a Long Lance Torpedo on the bow, with evidence suggesting there may also have been a second strike a few metres away. The entire bow was blown away leaving #2 turret dangling and killing every sailor forward, plus two more during frantic damage control. Amazingly the bulkheads held and she was towed away stern first. A temporary bow was fitted at a forward repair depot before the long, slow journey to port for something more permanent.

After discussion of several options - full repair with new bow section, salvaging of equipment from other ships undergoing maintenance, even scrapping - it was decided to fit a short bow with a single gun turret and semi retiring her as an Escort ship in the final months of the war.

Full story with pics…

The swedish Navy. Has some cool looking ships. Like torpedo boats with Anti ship missiles and we even had some actual real battleships during ww2

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The coastal defense ship turned seaplane tender HM Pansarbåt Dristigheten

Armament worse than a 3.3 ship with the protection of a battleship, would be bad and difficult to balance but i still want it.

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It’s very cool Bateman, but that’s nothing.


2 × twin 5.2 in (13.2 cm) guns



Italian Monitor Faà di Bruno (1917-24, 1939-45…she fought in both World Wars, although ‘fought’ is a relative term!)

Shes a monitor so you’d expect a smallish ship with a big turret and you won’t be disappointed.

2x 15in Battleship guns in a single mount, backed up with two 40 millimeter antiaircraft and four 3-inch deck guns, all squeezed in to a 55m long, 2800 ton armoured hull.

Of course there is a minor drawback - maximum speed was 3 knots due to insufficient power and a flat bow. Basically she was a very angry barge!

FYI not even the oddest Italian Monitor - Alfredo Cappellini had a similar armament but was built on a floating crane platform! Strangely she was a little faster than di Bruno.

And there’s more beside, they did like them oddballs! … https://naval-encyclopedia.com/ww1/italy/italian-monitors.php?amp=1

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Obviously manned torpedoes and other mini-submarines


You think that’s something.

HMS M-1: 1 305mm (12-inch)/40 naval cannon. Can be fired through the periscope too


The Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle (PACV)

There are many ships I want to see that are very derpy although a few have been mentioned already.

Coastal TT:

• Armstrong Flat Iron Gunboats which could be added for all trees (national bias the South Australian gunboat HMCS Protector which sits just off the coastline in central Queensland), Also the Italians getting the Castore class…

• Monitors, from 100 tonnes to 10000 tonnes they could all come with with their slow but dangerous armament from 3" - 18".

• River Gunboats, Like the Insect class be it WWI or WWII configuration, British gunboats Una & Pamela, late WWII boats built of teak wood an have a 40 mm & lewis guns, There’s a few paddlewheels thar could be added as well.

• Tallships, There were a few in the first world war iirc, there was also armed smacks in that conflict & heh post WWII there was armed junks from china.

• mixed powered vessels like with sails & steam engines eg the US Annapolis class gunboat.

• Coastal Defence Battle/ships which would be the top of the trees Lelutoo has posted quite a few swedish ones over on reddit, But ohh so many trees could get them an plus they have coastal in their names… (The US could get a few as well as the brits, National bias again HMVS Cerberus, fun note these are RML guns).

• further torpedo boats besides just the Chidori class although an as designed one would be great (it was a really top heavy ship at one point an would look like a mini Yūdachi in a way, Bleckley class TB (it had an aircraft), The Type 1935/1937 torpedo boats which only main gun is at the stern.

• Hydrofoils like that Sparviero class in the CDK or the USS Flagstaff with a M551 turret

• USS Carronade a ship built for firing rockets

• Type 14 Second Rate ASW Frigate (so think a smaller Type 12 with three dual 40 mm & a Limbo mortar).

• Project 775 with those two AK-725

• Project 1208 & Project 1248/12481 so gunboats with T-55 turrets & AK-630’s


• Frankenships, Project 30/Project 7, Tribal class halfs, there was also a US ship iirc.

• Apollo class protected cruisers setup for the Zeebrugge Raid with them getting flamethrowers on them.

• USS Vesuvius, Dynamite Gun cruiser

• Auxiliary / Armed Merchant Cruisers like SMS Cap Trafalgar, HMS Rawalpindi, HMS Jervis Bay, Atlantis HSK-2 (we have her old name in game), the Kormoran HSK-8 (F in the chat for HMAS Sydney II).

• MAC ships & Seaplane Tenders if carriers get added.

• I do still think it could be added but the Project 1143 Heavy Aviation Cruiser Baku as a AA ships or an aircraft armed ship with a Yak-38 loaded with bombs (aircraft must be researched to be used)

• Helicopter Cruisers: Project 1123, Jeanne d’Arc, Andrea Doria class, Vittorio Veneto (add in this as a way of adding helis into the mode).

These are the ones I can think of atm But there’s so many strange ships I know I’m forgetting an will keep adding if I think of them.