What starter jet should I research in the sweden tech tree?

I’m on the fence on whether i should research is sk60 but I personally find it slow and a poor climber (also rips pretty early but all first line swedish jets have horrible speed) and the other option is to research j21ra and get the j29a as it isn’t that bad of a jet. The j21 jets seem really painful to pay and the saab 105g doesn’t look too bad as it has pretty good speed and armament.

warthunder sweden t5

A28B/Vampire (Same plane - A28B different guns).

Lots of fun, as people quite constantly try to turn fight you.

If you also like ground attack, go for the SK60, then 105G, which at it’s BR is a great multirole aircraft (especially in Sim): 2 Sidewinders and good bombload with CCIP.

the a28b and vampire are your best bet.

the j29 has weird off set guns you will need to get used too, and is a fat bird, so generally by the time you get up to alt the game has already been decided, weirdly great in ground rb.

the 21s are all trash, outside of the fact when stock their engines can rip their wings at a level flight, with 90% power… and no longer have the 13.2 guns so youre even more weaker than the older 21s.

and the sk60 while great on paper doesnt have tracers making those guns insanely hard to use, and theyre extremely far from the center of the plane so your likelihood of hitting anything is more or less down the drain.

tbh there isnt that many good swedish jets now thanks to the tracer nerf.

If you like to play ground RB, the SAAB 105G is a monster. You can load up with 2 x 500lb and 4 x 1000lb bombs. Or you can run 2 x AIM 9 and 4 x 1000lb bombs. You get a CCIP for rockets and bombs. This makes it very easy to get kills from altitude. So what you can do is wait for the enemy SPAA tracers to show up, and drop from 4,000 or 5,000 feet.

She doesn’t have guns unless you give up 1 bomb, but I have found you can still take out helis with her. Even though in game they don’t allow us to fire boresight with the Aim-9 (which is a stupid oversight), if you fly real low and come up behind the helicopters under them you can get lock on.

1 bomb will take out most any tank in the game if placed correctly, always when they are stationary place them at the engine, even on the o279. While you likely won’t kill it, you will take out its engine, all 4 tracks, and its gun.


Also you can fly with half your tail blown off, no problem at all in RB.


Exactly! The 105G is very versatile, and nice to fly and easy to use!

I flew her a lot in Sim EC, where I usually went after a base with 4x Mk.83, then on the way back hunted for aircraft with the Sidewinders.

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