What should I do in this situation?

So tomorrow, my A4E will be fully researched after I receive the squadron pool reward - And I’ve saved up at the moment: 730 thousand SL. (A4E is 500K+140K)

Right now my highest BR vehicles are: M901, T32, F2H and an unpurchased F84B.

You can see that, I don’t have many vehicles to go with the A4E because it has a significantly higher BR than my top tanks but, I could still use it to grind out:


The ranks 5-7. Sadly, the A4E doesn’t get any stock weapons, and is equipped with two not so great cannons.
I don’t have any experience fighting in ~9.0 matches and I’m not sure if I could cannonfight my way through the stock grind.

So how should I use the A4E Early and how should I play it. Advice for unlocking modifications (I saw it’s good at destroying bases).

Don’t buy it until you have a ground line up for it. It doesn’t have a spot in ARB. It’s a GRB vehicle.

Save up more, because as soon as you buy it, you’ll unlock mods, and end up needing to start paying for repairs…

You’ll be bankrupt real quick. I suggest to anyone to save up double what they need, before buying anything, and this leads to them keeping on saving because of the way that saving up works.

I believe it gets two missiles to start with after you purchase it