What Russian Law?


Doesn’t matter cause they’re an EU registered company & Russia has no power over them.
On top of that, pretty sure making 2S38 worse with a low first stage, Mig-29 have higher fuel consumption than it actually has [minor], etc would fall under “making Russia look bad”.

Dw, you are correct, that is a schizo statement, gaijin isnt based out of russa anymore, and they arent legally bound to make the russian military look better. The law exists as far as i know, but its application to a game like war thunder is questionable, and there isnt really a way to police something like that, unless the russian government ran the game, forcing adherance to it would be impossible, and Gaijin has never been run by or affiliated with the russian government. Its just another line people say all the time to try and support the idea of russian bias instead of actually looking at why things are the way they are.


There is no such thing whatsoever… Developers and Admins have said so many times in the past…