What premium pack should I buy for the summer sale?

Before I discuss anything, I’d like to mention that I have little experience in the higher tiers. My highest BR is 7.3 ( in Germany, France and Sweden)

Mostly I just want to know which vehicles are the best for the money I spend on them. Or which ones to choose.

Here are the vehicles I’m interested in:

VRCC - I love light vehicles and armored cars, and I also want to grind Italy and this vehicle looks fun. However I am only at 5.7 in Italy.

T-55AM-1 - Not particularly interested in grinding Russia (not against it but it’s not my first choice) but this thing is a beast when you get uptiered to 8.3 and have to fight it.

Turm 3 - I want to grind Germany and also it’s only .7 above my closest vehicle. However I already have the RU 251 so it might be redundant.

AMX-30 Super - I would like to grind France and France is one of the countries I am at 7.3 in. Still 1.7 higher than my closest vehicle.

Leo A1A1 L/44 - Another German vehicle that would help me grind, however it is high tier.

Centurion AVRE - Meme tank, but would it be good to grind Britain?

T29 - Cheaper than others but also I am only at 4.7 in America.

I know it’s a long list but that’s only because there are a lot of options.

Sadly there’s no point in buying a premium vehicle outside of Tier 6 or 7 if you want to grind to Toptier.

That’s where the 1DL behavior comes from… If you’re on a tight budget, it’s the only thing you can do.

Keep in mind tho, a premium vehicle can be used to obtain every vehicle beginning at Tier 1 without a cut in RP, but only 1 tier above it.

For British I would advise the A.C.lV. It is 5.3 but it grinds really well. I used it to grind out to the Centurions and stuff.

I can’t recommend anything right now. I’ve bought quite a few premiums, but they’re all quite disappointing because unless they’re Russian, they will get nerfed quite significantly over time. Russian premiums are amazing, but as you said you don’t play Russia much.
I’d recommend just premium time and that’s it.

Save your money.


Also viable option lol

First off, whatever Premium you buy, it will be one-shot the same, even if it seems indestructible when you face it.

Also avoid buying premium vehicles unless you’re good at their playstyle, which is in no way easy to figure. Many premiums are quirky vehicles with blatant (or not so blatant) flaws and tend to get nerfed over time because people learning to exploit their strong points.

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The best one.


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The Tiger II Sla.16 bundle is nice, probably the best Tiger II you can get. Should still be at around 6.7 or so. Just don’t expect to grind MBT’s or other modern stuff with it.

T114 is also fun, 7.3 small and fast with a quick reloading rocket gun, but I am not sure if GE vehicles will be discounted as well. Here are some recommendations anyways:

T14: a 4.7 Sherman with more angled armor and slightly better survivability. Should be right in your BR range.

Calleiope: 4.0 very expensive even on Sale, but you get a lot of very fun rockets, making it a very memey Sherman.

Super Hellcat: 6.3 Glass Cannon, good gun and speed but low survivability

Well as the summer is approaching do remember there will be summer challenges again hopefully so I would suggest buy a pack that you can use to grind out the challenge with, whether it be a plane, tank or ship but do try and get something with in the BR’s that you already own no point getting a super high tier pack and that been your only thing at that BR.