What on EARTH did yall do to HESH all the sudden?

Im landing direct hits on the Sides of Jumbos, King Tiger Turret fronts, AND JAGDPANTHER HULLS with my Fv4005 and NONPENNING.

What on EARTH?

This is a Tank that ripped a Centurion turret clean of its hull Gaijin, it should not be doing stuff like THAT.

If this damn thing is gonna be stuck with its stupid reload, atleast Fix it so it actually DOES DAMAGE. Why can’t it do overpressure damage? its still 22kg of TNT exploding on the outside of the tank, Squash head or NO that should do SOMETHING to a tank.


Hell 22kg of TNT Is more of a Explosive charge than was used to DESTORY the Maus IRL.

Granted that was a Internal explosion, but STILL. it was enough to crack the 180mm SIDE armor plates.


HESH has never been modeled correctly in War Thunder.


No, but atleast it used to be usable, And legit Tonight is probably the worst ive ever seen i.

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British Tax™

Average random hesh. Recently faced an FV4005 at 10.0 and it touched the corner on my Merkava MK2D and nuked it.

It’s been borderline nonfunctional for years at this point. I went back to what used to be my favorite vehicle recently, the Type 60 SPRG, but the sheer inconsistency of HESH has thoroughly ruined it. Used to be, if you hit just the right spot, you’d consistently oneshot anything you could fight. Nowadays, it’s a roll of the dice on whether or not you do any damage at all.

Given all that the FV4005 gives up (Armor, mobility, size, reload, survivability, a full turret), it really should be able to oneshot with reasonable consistency. And I’d argue the same for 106mm recoiless rifle armed vehicles, given how awkward the rounds are to aim.

Have you been living under a rock?
HESH has been garbage tier gambling for a long time now.