What non-War Thunder music do you like to jam out to while playing?

Personally, I absolutely ADORE the Homeworld 2 soundtrack. It’s especially fitting for desert maps.

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beatles and there singel carers, queen and schoder

Whatever is in my 8-Track

Ohboy, imma probably introduce somebody to a song the never heard but now love, anyway here is my Picks.

Its mainly Swedish 70-90s “Golden age” songs but i listen to other on occasion.

Ranked “Golden age”

  1. " Eloise "

  2. " Ooa hela natten "

  3. " Dansar aldrig nykter "
    Magnus Uggla

  4. " Sommarnatt "

  5. " Lay All your Love On Me "

  6. " The Final Countdown "

  7. " One Night In Bangkok "
    Murray Head

  8. " 800° "
    Ebba Grön

  9. " Canelloni Macaroni "
    Lasse Holm

  10. " Mamma Mia "

  11. " För fet… "
    Svullo, Electric Boys

  12. " Waterloo "

  13. " Inget stoppar oss nu "

  14. " ADHD "
    Loke Nyberg

  15. " Sommaren är kort "
    Tomas Ledin

Modern music from 2000-

  1. " Boten Anna "

  2. " Håll om mig "

  3. " Stay The Night "

  4. " Cara mia "
    Måns Zelmerlöw

  5. " Slå mig hårt i ansiktet "
    Thomas Stenström

    Alfons, Kuselofte, LOOKET

Silly songs for messing around/Trolling (hillbilly songs)

  1. " Volvo "
    Eddie Meduza

  2. " Piga & dräng "

  3. " Baby Doll - Single Version "
    Top Cats

  4. " Reaktorn Iäck i Barsebäck "
    Eddie Meduza

  5. " Banjodunk "
    Kass Humor

Honorable Norwegian mentions

  1. " Dra Til Skogs "
    Gutta På Skauen

  2. " Skjebnen "

Swedish Army music

  1. " När solen lyser klart på himlen "
    Gosta Wernstrom, Radio Chorus



" En Livstid I Krig "

" In the Army Now "


Ah, sabaton fan, nice.

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Recently been listening to this chick and a few other ones.

Probably any Sabaton music

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Suffragette City - David Bowie

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I have been listening to various things and kept getting clapped by tanks. No way to listen to anything if you want to be competetive in tanks.

I wish there were visual indicator of noise direction, like in couple other games

Bass boosted Erika obviously.

Posted from my Tiger 2.


Also Sabaton fan…funny on the number above, considering it is Swedish band…but then…they do songs on warfare…so i guess i am on to the reason :)

NONE! How would I be able to hear the enemy if I was listening to music while playing?!?


Exactly this. Since a recent PhlyDaily Video I also muted the in-battle music. Especially at higher tiers it was very loud, distracting and upsetting to me. Even when I turned on something from YT it agitated me more since I could not properly hear what was going on around me.

Ive been listening to Limp Bizkit when playing recently, not sure why.


Wheraboo alert

Leopard engine sound is THE best music for me:)

Depends on what I am playing.
Youtube videos/podcasts in PiP mode in slow planes to kill the climbing phase.
DnB in jets.
Doom 2016 / Eternal soundtrack in tanks.

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Heavy metal, hard rock, 80’s rock, techno, pop, and electro.

Wide variety from me. I start a playlist with either Bring Me to The Horizon or Falling in reverse, once that gets old, I’ll go to Mötly Crüe, Metallica, or Black Sabbath.

If somehow I wear those out, I’ll go to the Pop-rock type music, if I don’t start with it, usually start out with something like “No Tengo Dinero” by Righira, or “99 Luftballons” by NENA.

I’ll plead the 5th on the Techno I listen to; but most of it Consists of Battle Tapes.

Oh yeah, I listen to some sabaton too. Maybe a bit of Eminem, or Beastie Boys as well.

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Usually metal but sometimes to rap

Game OSTs:
TF2 (minus halloween songs)
Finn’s Fantastic Food Machine
Bad Icecream
Pirates Caribean Hunt
Super Stardust HD Planet Lave
Red Eclipse (new and original theme)
PvZ Roof Stage and MiniGames theme

Videogame related non-OSTs:
Rocket Jump Waltz Remix
More Gun (Alex Giudici Remix)
Minecraft Aether mod
Hedgewars’ Snow and Oriental songs
Frontier Justice (Uncle Dane’s theme)
Rocket Jump Waltz Extend For 6 Minutes
One Armed Cook multiplayer lobby song (I forgot the name)

Non game related:
United States Army Theme
House of The Rising Sun
Israeli Nation Anthem
Over There

I only listen to music when playing Heli PVE though,