What justifies the Etendard-IVM's 9.0 placement?

Accelerates averagely for 9.0

Turns well at the cost of speed

Poor guns, poor missiles, no flares.


It’s so good it got a tali from me so idk lmao

Well I mean there are F86F-40s in 9.0, which have 6 12.7 M3s so I guess it is acceptable, Q5 early would also be similar as it has worse loadouts, worse guns and no missile but trading that for better turn and better speed I guess could justify the BR. I think 9.0 is just really awkward.

Believe it or not a high velocity gun with large ammo even though its damage is minimal performs better than a fat slow round with limited ammo.

Well that is the 23-1 on Q5, since it is basically the same rounds and same muzzle velocity as the NS23 but just faster rate of fire. It has no accuracy outside of like 300m range.


The Q5’s flight performance negates all weaponry issues.

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It is a little worse than what the stat card says, the turn is very bad, even worse than F100. Plus, it doesn’t have any missiles so you have to be much better in terms of flight performances to get into a point where you can fire you bad gun to actually do damage. It can’t even pen the cockpit of the Su25 or A10.


Good performance tbh.

It demands that you use the flaps correctly, but thats about it tbh to make it work well

The flaps are great for an initial boost to turn rate but then they will lock up. You’re also bleeding a huge amount of speed even when using them sparingly. Coupled with low ammunition I don’t see why this makes up for the lackluster top speed and middling acceleration.

I loved this plane back when i was grinding France.

DEFAs are fine guns. Great even. You get enough ammo, they hit very hard, and are quite easy to aim on most targets.

AIM-9B is the standard at this BR, and so i wouldnt call it “bad” missile.

You dont need flares at 9.0. Nothing but Q-5 really has them there anyway.

Unfortunately delusional.

For two kills, not enough to carry a lobby.


If the target is moving slow and is large. Otherwise the velocity being what it is leaves you using your ammo more than you have.

Yet there are planes with this feature and it is an advantage.

A-4, Alpha Jet

Several strike fighters have flares.

The Etendard IVM sorely lacks them. Is it necessary? No. Is it the main issue with the plane? No. Does it effect it heavily in a full uptier? Yes.

At 9.0 it can face all aspects.

240 rounds across two cannons is enough for 3 to 4 kills if you learned to aim.

Havent had issues with these cannons having “low” velocity. It is fine. These are probably my most used cannons in the entire game, and IMO they are the best you can find at the BR apart from Sagittario’s 30mm cannons.

They are still nonessential.

Wont be an issue for much longer. Stona stated they will be moved out of 10.0 in the next BR changes, or “sometime after the major update” referring to the current one.

I absolutely adore people that don’t play the game telling me to learn to aim.

Unreal. Guns are just fine. I play this game more than I need to, if i believe so myself.

They are fine. They are not competitive.

Accelerates averagely?? The only 9.0 that out-accelerates an etendard are the q5 early, newly buffed smb2 (at min fuel) and scimitar (i know its 8.7)

The Q-5 at 9.0 does not have flares.


No they will keep working. Its when you go too fast they lock you up, which is why one needs to actually pay attention to the speed quite carefully when using them.

Honestly didnt use them sparingly. As long as you are below the speed they work against you, id use them unless im specifically trying to concerve energy.

Just like all 9.0s in the game.

Its guns are good, among the best.
And claiming that 28 degrees per second bleeding speed is only “well”? lol
14.5 degrees per second sustained.

In comparison the Hunter F1 turns worse at 13 deg per second.

The trash flight performance.
Engines aren’t flight performance.

Yes I wish I only had to face 9.0 planes but unfortunately 9.3 is the more popular range.