What is your expirience with Type89 after the update droped?

I didn’t played the Type89 after the update droped, beacouse I have it already spaded and I am spading other vehicles in the Japanese TT.
However I tried it in test ride and I noticed that the rockets love ground and i was lucky to get it flying and hiting something with it.
So I want to know if you already playd it in normal match and your expirience with it after the La Royale update

i think that was because the new atgm physic?
the la royale trying to give the atgm realistic physic so is has a lot of “sway” and since the type89 launcher is angled upward a little, it trying to got for the reticle but with the new physics it “sways” and hit the ground.

probably, just my speculation.

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I see. I love how they said that it will make the missile more “realistic”, but I don’t think that the missile should fall down after it is shot from the luncher in reality. And I don’t think that the “sway” is also not realistic.

Should probably edit and add a tag “Japan” on it so we can see topics related to Japan lol anywho, I cant get the missile ATGM to work, have to test drive it to get the hang of it. Sways too much that it hits the floor, even went too far up a few times. Couldn’t even hit the target at close range due to hitting the ground. Still great for long range if you aim a bit up to avoid hitting the floor. Since the update, I haven’t been able to score a kill with it.

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Thanks for telling me to add the tag beacouse I toraly forgot that I could do that. I really need to try it in normal battle beacouse i still didn’t spawn in it (I am now grinding the Type 16).

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ATGM racks angle speed is absolute garbage and you need to wait about 30 seconds now before shooting missiles
now its you can’t use missiles or you sit in the corner of a map to do 1 or 2 shots before game ends