What is this part on the M1128 Stryker?

(Rectangular thing circled in blue)

What is this things function IRL and why is linked to the turret traverse? I lose traverse so god damn much in the stryker and this is generally the culprit as its frontal profile is enormous.

Also pls buff/fix side arc gun depression, the gun clearly has more space to move, thanks

I believe that is the panel that is used to control the turret.

If you mean it’s a computer panel, thats even more dumb, why is it breaking the turret ring when hit, it should just slow it to manual backup speed

I am going to have to wait until I get home to further search but there is a chance that the manual system is also located on that panel.

Even if not, gaijin doesnt really model the main and back up systems differently. You could make a suggestion to so so but i feel like that wont happen do to the amount of work for how little it would change things. 99% of the time, if your tank’s main turret controls are taken out, the actual turret drive is hit due to how close they are.

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Sorta missed the point of the post, I’m asking for what it is and function in real life

The IRL and in game relationship to many components are not modeled correctly. Just on the M1128 alone, in reference to the gun turret drive, the GPCH only controls turret rotation, and the commanders override only performs vertical gun laying in the game. IRL they both have full control on the turret and gun.

My favorites are SPAA traverses where many of them only have the computer terminal as part of the vertical traverse

So i have looked at the horizontal drives of other vehicles around 10.0 or above, the vast majority of the time, the computers are linked to vertical.
Except the freccia, but its screens arent center mass, and are somewhat smaller.

Inconsistentcy in the only thing consistent in this game