What is this nonsense Gaijin? Mozdok map changes

Why is this suddenly blocked off, do you really just want corridor maps where nothing is open to deviation? How is this any fun?

“Follow the paths and corridors we created, you are not allowed to choose your own path in this game”.

Seriously, the last couple of map changes you made are terrible beyond belief, you’re turning your game into World of Tanks. Stop it, revert it, and create good maps.


Its the ‘’ We don’t play our game and don’t know what is wrong, nor do we listen to feedback so we just do whatever ‘’ type of change.


Nah this is a good change to an awful map, though just disabling it would have been cooler


I’m going to play devil’s advocate here, but I have to admit that the maps flows much better with that change. Now fights are mostly centered around the B - C point instead of pushing that hill for easy spawn camping.

It didn’t necessarily fix spawn camping because it is still possible to push the north side out of the B point and deny their spawn, which still sucks.

Mozdok is a terrible map in general and should be 6.7 BR max, it’s not for top tier, Gaijin.

It shouldn’t be done by just deleting the areas however, just change the elevation of the land and solve it that way.

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The only reasonable solution to the B1 camping spot was to simply erase the line of sight it had over the north spawn to give people a chance to get out, which has the same effect as putting it off bounds.

So you might as well delete it entirely and save yourself the trouble of changing the terrain, the snail’s method is more economical.

I half agree. The map is both better and worse with the changes. It’s too restrictive of you want to go NE, but it also eliminated a fairly good camping spot.

Overall, it’s still a good map, and the change has defiantly changed how it is played.

What does ‘economical’ have to do with map and balance changes? Just re-do the topography and stop being lazy by removing a chunk of the map.

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another foolish change

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Based change.
Finally the map is more balanced and other flanking routes can be used instead.
There are far more people taking flanking routes on Mozdok these days, it’s great.

I’ve unintentionally upset the CQC fans.


Oh no, another clearly-outside-the-map area actually made out of bounds, how awful.



This game is falling apart in my opinion, lol what a shame

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