What is this? Night map at 3.7?

What is this map weather/time?

Looks like a night map, but there’s a big square light following you around.

[Domination] Poland (winter) at 3.7



Haven’t even seen a night map in months. Is this where they were moved, rank 2?

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Night battles are temporarily disabled, it’s rather cloudy/stormy weather than night battle ;)

Got one match now where it went slowly dark in Cologne. Was kinda funny.

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An arcade assault did that last week. Evening under an overcast, stormy weather. Got slowly dark to almost pitch black. So dark that the enemy vehicles were washed out by the tags and the repair icons were blazing. You just had to hunt for the outline and pen color. lol.

I realised my monitor was on “conserve” eco mode so I turned that off and increased my brightness lol. Dark maps aren’t too bad if you have a decent monitor.