What is this new box?

What is this box, and how do I get rid of it. It’s getting in my way making it more difficult to attack other planes with this bomber and dropping on targets without using bomber sights.

I’m unsure what the video shows. I do know however that it has not answered my question of how to get rid of it. And it is surely in the way during some offensive maneuvers.

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I hit the combo, and it locked my controls…

Shift being throttle up, and A being roll left.


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As for what it is, it is a new way to switch between secondary weapons. You push the button/buttons you have binded to it and a picture of your load out pops up at the bottom of the screen. You then click which secondary you want to select. Be aware that the pop up will prevent you from controlling your plane until you close it.

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Yeah, I blew myself up yesterday trying to use that “feature”. lol.

Two tips for you all;
You can change the key bind of it to remove the risk of accidental press.
You can bind a key to hide/show that portion of the hud on the fly.

There is a bug in it (of course) where it won’t hide in air mode.

A useless box nobody asked for and has limited use, for most it’s just an eyesore like most UI elements in game.

It almost made me crash multiple times during my first match because Lshift is my radar lock and “A” is roll left

What an amazing and thought out addition to the game! Marvelous!

I mean for someone who doesn’t play the game it makes perfect sense to design it using L shift and A, clearly.

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so it’s a way to select your armament? Finally, good addition

No its just an addition to the UI as a reminder cue for what keybind controls it. You could always select thru your load.

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