What is the Russian M18

What Is the Russian version of the M18 Hellcat?


Maybe the T-34-85?

There isn’t one.

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2S3M is the Soviet M18.


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2S3M is the Soviet M109*

Nah, 2S3M is as fast as an M18.
M109 is not.

artillery gun

Pens 250mm of armor. Or 169 if you use APHEBC.

M18 = light tank
2S3M = artillery
M109 = artillery

M18 top speed 80km/h
2S3M top speed 60km/hg
M109 top speed 56km/h

check you “facts” before you spread misinformation.

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Probably the T-34-100. Above average speed at the B.R., more armor than the M18 but not enough to save it, excellent gun/post pen (better than M18 in this regard), and poor gun handling. It lacks the scouting mechanic though as it isn’t a light tank. You should play them somewhat similarly.

US tank destroyers are fairly unique design, so its generaly not present in other countries.

If you want something with similar mobility and firepower, then ASU-57 and SU-100P but you have that huge difference in not having a turret.

T-34-85 would probably be closest one with a turret. Its more mobile than Sherman.

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Russian M18 is M18


19hp per ton for 2S3M, fully enclosed turret. More modern transmission.
22.5hp per ton for M18, open platform.

so the 2S3M is not like the M18 as you said it was.

I’m not a GF player but I do sometimes play it but if I had to take a guess a USSR/Russian M18 would be the 2S25 imo as I’ve heard it’s fast & nimbly but has a heavy hitting cannon yet piss weak armour.

That or something like BMP-3/BMD-4 as those are speedy, have no armour an good cannons.

I really should start playing more GF.

You will never achieve this speed in game

Fastest T-34, BT-7 or ZSU-57. Cant decide between theese

i never said you would?
the same goes for the other two vehicles.
i used it as a comparison to show that its closer to m109 than it is the m18. nothing more.

The M18 was a tank destroyer. Not a light tank.