What is the point

What is the point of putting planes in the tech tree that are just unplayable due to the current BR system. You have to use what you grind, (be it via premium iteam or not) to research them and purchase. Most know about BR compression is some areas. Why wast RP and SL on crap. Its a joke

I dont play war thunder for a job of being a bot, im no cannon fodder for p2w’s. And i am not going to pay $100’s per month. Who wants to fly XP50 or wayvern all the time or wast GE’s on p51 D-20-NA that is not playable in RB.

Giajin short your stuff out. You had years to do it ffs


The XP-50 is pretty fun and when I need SL that’s my go-to.

I’m not sure how one could possibly spend $100 per month in this game.

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That is what i do, and have got a lot of SL from doing so, but its getting boring now that i have reached rank 5 with 2 countries and rank 3 with 2 others, so therefore i spend mush SL and wasted in rank 5 its savage. Should not be using 1 plane to pay for repairs to others etc.

30 matchie today in a swift and still not seen another swift mk1

All you really need is 50$ per year for premium account.

Sounds like extortion to me 😆 🤣 😂

Tell that to the console community

The British invented chaff, so should be allowed to have counters for missils even if it just means throwing there tin foil rapper marmalade sandwiches out the window 😆 🤣 😂

It’s a live service game, they gotta make money.

Now, I say this purely as an ARB player, NOT ground. Rewards are in a pretty good state. With prem and a talisman you can knock out an entire tech tree in a week. (I’ve done it)

Now for ground. They’re really shit. A full game with premium and like 2 premium tanks only nets maybe 5k RP. I get that in 5 minutes of ARB. I have no clue how people progress through grb.

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They don’t. It took far longer for me to get to top tier in the American ground tree than the air tree.

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Or grind event to buy it for GC on sales.

I dont think you understand what i am saying

Then enjoy your free game 😆 🤣 😂

That you can only get positive SL with premium planes ? That you want only grind planes you like ?

No point explaining my self gaijin dony listen, thats obvious just by reading the reviews. Will just be a matter of how long i continue to play for as i cant justify spending anymore money this year