What is the point of the AAA lead indicator in Arcade?

It is so inaccurate as to be pretty much useless. It’s FAR worse than the green/red hit indicator for tank main guns. If you’re going to give us this tool, why not at least have it so if you use it you have SOME chance of actually hitting the aircraft? Or is the point of it to make life even easier for the pet flybois than it otherwise would be?

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its the same in air arcade. You always have to shoot a little bit higher

It has been a while since I played Arcade, but I think the lead indicator is affected by ping

I think it only indicates the lead if the plane would go straight from this point on. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So you will need to use your experience to aim in accordance to the real line the plane takes.

Otherwise it would be kinda boring, it should be better explained, as once you realize it, your effectiveness skyrockets in AIR AB.

But this accounts for so much stuff in this game. Not only for people who buy high tier premiums but also if you grind you can easily miss unique keybindings for certain vehicles. There should be on overlay for all possible keybinds when your press lets say F1. Plus how changing settings affect things, like full real controls or radar settings etc.

It is useful at the lower levels but as you gain higher ranks it is not as useful. That does make sense though.