What is the point of SA342L Gazelle?

Everyone gets the Z11WA without extra RP cost, it also comes with the terrible but still usable HJ8A ATGMs while the Gazelle has shitty rockets as a stock weapon. They do seem to have the same loadouts available, just unlocked differently.
Their stats are very similar. Gazelle has a slightly stronger engine which means absolutely nothing because you can’t really use any of your weapons from >2km altitude, and when flying low you just hit the speed limit faster.
The only notable difference here is that Z11 has thermals and Gazelle doesn’t, but still both are at 8.7.

The Gazelle should have been 8.0 - 8.3 and the starter of the tree with stock ATGMs, with the Z-11W splitting off the tree leading to the Z-11WB and more advanced weapons, and the other tree being the Z-9 and the rest.

Instead the Gazelle is just tacked onto the tree, there to research if you’re into masochism.

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