What is the most overtiered and undertiered vehicles in game in your opinion?

Il start with mine.

The most overtiered is the Ariete AMV at 11.7 which it shouldnt be as its more of a sidegrade to the other arietes

And undertiered would for me be the Somua SM at 7.3

Overteired, there are many good options such as the Jaguar Gr.1 or the chinese La-11, but ill have to go with the Harrier Gr.7

Undertiered? the somua is a good pick but things like the XP-50,XP-55 and wyvern could all do with going up multiple br steps so i’d probably go with one of those

T-72 TURMS. Its arnour is stupid at 10.0 should be 10.3 maybe even 10.7

Harrier Gr7. Probably needs to come back down to 11.3. 11.7 was appropriate with historically accurate 9Ls. But with the nerfed versions. It sucks now. No reason for it be so high.

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forgot about air for a second

A lot of things are out of place and not competitive at all with the things at the same BR, but compared to what is below them is also inferior so it’s the usual compression.

For overtiered the Mirage F1s because the thing is just as good if not worse than the MiG-23M while being what 11.7.
For undertiered the 2S38 it should be 10.7 if not 11.0

Heli trees:

AH-6M for over tiered:
4 hellfire Ks at 10.0, and APKWS if you’re into that I guess. The competition gets 8x hellfire B, 4x AAM, Countermeasures, and a gun. Easily the worst 10.0 heli in the game alongside the Tiger HAP

A129-CBT for under tiered:
8x Hellfire Bs at 10.0, 4x mistrals, countermeasures, IRCM. If this thing was a premium, it would be far more hated than the KA-50, in a slight down-tier (9.7 or even 10.0) it is literally invincible as it outranges all SPAA and has AAMs for self defense.

Honorable mention to the YAH-64:
Lacks CM, Stingers, hellfire K of the JAH-64DJP while being at the same BR

Ta-152C-3, that thing should swap place with 152H-1 when H-1 is clearly a better performing plane overall.

Then again it’s really not as overtiered as Japanese rank 6 air.

Pantsir S1 bust be nerfed
Ariete should be 11.3 max