What is the difference between?

the American HSTV_L compared to the Russian 2s38
276mm pin 225mm pin
fire rate 1.5 sec .5 sec
26 rounds total auto loader 20 rounds
BR 11.3 BR 10.0
10 .0 really ! and they claim there is no Russian Bias . What do u call this ?


Considering that br is determined by performance, it makes sense as people have to grind and get experience to play the hstvl while any newbie can get the 2s38.

Once its sales drop off, it will most likely go up. And no, not because greedy gaijin. It is because the flow of new players to the vehicle slows and the average stats start to increase.

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Thats a bad comparasion, you only compared armarment, completely ignoring fact HSTV-L is generally faster, has better hp/t ratio, better turret rotation speed, its much more angled and possibility of ricochete in good conditions is higher. Though, taking all this into account I am sure HSTV-L should go down in BR to 10.7-11.0, though vehicles like Ariete P, Leopard 2 prototypes may suffer from it greatly.


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youre right he shouldve included other stats, HSTV-L is missing its HE-VT and IRST, XM885 underperforms like crazy… all that its missing to be an overall way worse support tank and a slightly better flanker. also the 2S38 is barely real.


The vehicle has been in the game for over a year, if it was going to to go up, it would have gone up and it won’t, and yes, because Gaijin is greedy.

As long as the numbers dont get high enough, it wont go up. They dont seem to be doing super well. The player base using them does not seem like the smartest bunch.

Personally, the current horde of them has been making it easier for me to grind the tog event. They just run around tunnel visioned and i just have to aim center mass and pop them.

Which is just another blatant flaw in Gaijin’s calculations, even the most insane god tier vehicles are not going to get uptiered if it’s blatantly god tier and available for everyone with access to $70.

On one end they’re an absolute menace and complete nonsense to have an SPAA disguised as a light tank to get even more benefits and vastly outperforming actual SPAA, like the OTO still being 11.3 or some dumb shit like that, and then you throw in a bunch of idiots with more money than braincells to offset the vehicle performance.


the HSTV-L is fighting tanks at a much higher BR every match where as the 2s38 gets most of its matches at it’s 10 BR …easy pickings ,one shot kills on full size tanks .And when they start shooting you the smoke and dust cloud makes them invisible . Only chance is to shoot blind and pray you hit him .But to many times your shell won’t do anything to him . No armor is best armor Bull S…

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Lmao what oneshot kills, that 57 mm barely does any spall, need entire ready rack of 20 to kill something as half of your shells does nothing. Someone just sneezes in your general direction and your huge ammo rack just explodes,or shoots in middle of you where the crew is and they all die. 2S38 is average tank, meanwhile HSTVL just bounces way more stuff,is smaller, more agile and oneshoting tanks where it shouldnt.

any small caliber APDS/APFSDS does little spall due to in game setting

2s38 can reliably oneshot ammo and so can hstvl. I dont know where you’re getting the idea that hstvl is “oneshotting tanks where it shouldnt”. If anything its the opposite, its not oneshotting tanks where it should given how badly we know for a fact its round is underperforming

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Cause it onetapped me through UFP of ZTZ99A or 2A5 when it shouldnt multiple times. Or being hit into track and tank exploding, like not even going through track wheel at angle inside the tank,but track straight.

are u kidding ? that thing kills full size tanks at a higher BR with just a few shots . the spall floods my compartment ! But still what is the justification for such a low BR ? there is none if your trying to be fair and balanced LOL . either lower the BR for the HSTV-L or raise the BR to 11.3 for the 2S38

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OK lets let the HSTV-L do all the suffering. like the m1a2 which has a shell that doesn’t do any damage when hitting top Russian and top German tanks through their front [ 629 mm of pin should do some damage but only tell them where u are and they kill u …different topic so I’ll leave is at the HSTV-L debacle.

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