What is the best value army/aviation squadron vehicle if paid for by GE?

I just need a filler to make up a rank grinder and a line-up filler.

Any Perticular nation?

Sea Harrier FRS1 is reasonably strong, if you can master the VIFF

Don’t buy squadron vehicles with GE. Most of them are not even that good compared to what you could get with just GE. There’s plenty of vehicles you can’t get playing normally cause they are GE only to get them.


That though, if you are gunna spend the money on GE, better to buy a premium

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Its going to cost the same spending GE on squadron vehicles as it would buying a premium vehicle at the same BR.

Yep,. it will and you can just grind out the SQV for free (though god I wish they increase the 20k/3 days a bit)

Exactly. Also I’m not pushing for premium vehicles just because of the boosters its just if you are going to spend money then I would get something you can’t get in the tech tree. When I got myself a premium in the US tree, I got the TRAM even though it might not be as good as the F-5C or the F-4S, but its because there’s no jet like it in the tech tree. Most of the squadron vehicles are already in the tech tree accept a small few.

Yeah, I purchased the Sea- Vixen for the same reason.

or Eventually come to the TT with enough community pressure (looking at the FRS1e there)

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My problem basically is, making a lineup for event/premium vehicles I have gathered that are currently beyond my current tier.

I was looking at the performance of Russia’s Su-22M3 and T-80UK. I’ve left out Russia on my tree progresion priority because I had issues with the mid tree in tanks and the aviation tree suffered significantly after I got the Su-39 and Su-25K (you typically don’t use this with Air RB and the clean-up and mop-up role this vehicles play isn’t really fun).

Also my Germany’s aviation tech tree had to be de-prioritised because I ran into serious SL deficit and still currently in one

There’s no value in buying a squadron vehicle for GE, it’s expensive and you don’t get premium bonuses.

Just about every tree has a high tier premium if you want to skip grind and earn SL while doing it. Otherwise buying premium time is more economical.

Most squadron jets are also subpar ignoring niche CAS uses. The exception is the most recent Japanese F-5 variant which performs quite well at its BR. It’s still not economical as a grinder.

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how can one run out of SLs in current economy is beyond me. especially when SL income is much higher than RP income.

Hi! If your grinding out the German Air TT and/or trying to grind out the Russian ground+air TT I’d recommend either one of the German Mig-21’s. I’ve flown against them multipole times and can say it’s not the easiest thing to kill if they have energy advantage; which they normally have because of insane rate of climb. As for the Russian TT I can’t recommend too much, seeing as I myself haven’t gotten too far. All I could suggest is Mig-21. or even mig-15ish if you want something to hit ground targets. I can’t recommend anything for the ground TT but on paper the T-80UD, 2S38, T-72 and even T-55AMD look good. If your looking for something for Germany air TT but not super high, I’d recommend the G.91. It’s pretty fast, uber maneuverable and has 4 aim-9 B’s at 8.7.

Happy hunting!

For Russian tanks, I would get the T-72 or T-80. The 2S38 has a great gun but it lacks armor. Mediums are going to be a lot easer to grind out the tree with. This would also give you something to put with your Su’s.

Right now there’s not really amazing higher tier premiums for Germany. The Tornado is probably going to be the best for grinding but it will be hard to get good at it. The Mig-21 Germany gets is probably going to be harder to grind with but it will be easer to get good at then the Tornado. Only issue I see with the Mig-21 is the terrible speed retention it has.

The way it is set up is you should have enough money to pay for a vehicle you research if you don’t purchase anything while researching the vehicle. When you grind two tech trees you are going to run out of money cause its not set up to get enough money to purchase two vehicles at a time.

He is trying to buy more vehicles to fill up his line-up. He’s not trying to get a single vehicle for top tier.

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none tbh, since you buy mostly a tech tree vehicle, you still have to grind, for GE.
Honestly a mid tier premium is imo far more worth it. And for filling a lineup, it is better to grind faster with premium account time.