What is the best premium German CAS aircraft anywhere up to 7.3 to help my ground RB lineup?

CAS is annoying. But the only way to counter CAS is to CAS the enemy even more. Right now, I haven’t even touched the German air tree and I’m too lazy to grind even for the Stukas, so what should I start with? I’ve been considering the Do 335 B-2, it has decent mobility and a large bomb load.

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Chill out, he’s just trying to get help of fortifying his lineup. No reason to be a cuck about it.


“CAS” would be JU-288C or FW 190 D-13, Jets jump fast in BR if you want CAS. I run the Pfeil at 6.7 and it works great.


I STRONGLY recommend the 335 B-2! It is so much fun in both ground and air. I also hear that the 288 is also amazing, but can’t personally vouch for that. Oh also the 190 D-13 is also pretty good

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Mald and seethe lmao

335s are a bit too fat even before you strap bombs on them, the B-2 is a WW2 A-10 when you use the 30mm with HVAP belts tho

it’s the only CAS plane I’ve seen completely win a game below 8.0


The belts, even stock, do a good job of ripping up light tanks.

BMP-1’s when I shred them with 20 and 30mm from a kilometer away:

335 is good, but the belts get pretty expensive for some reason.

Every time Germany gets something filthy they tend to abuse it too hard and it gets nerfed to oblivion: MK103 HVAP/G.91 NORDS/Spz Puma

Don’t know how they’re ‘abusing’ it anymore than any other nation, they just tend to have limited options and it’s one vehicle that gets used by everyone for CAS, opposed to the US who has a disgusting amount of CAS options.

Make it one more if they add my OV-10D+ suggestion 😊

Mk.32 Zuni 5in FFAR at 5.7-7.7 and a CCIP computer :- )

If you want the ideal CAS aircraft for 7.0, you’d probably want to get the Ju-288 to grind for the Me 262 A-1a/Jabo. It has 4 30mm Mk108s and can carry 2 250kg bombs or 1 500kg bombs at 7.0. Speed of the 262 and the only one that I know of that carries bombs. If you grind it with the Ju-288 in RB it’ll be a fairly quick grind. The Do-335 is good, but the jets youll see will smoke you and the AA will too in uptiers.

And it comes with zero lineup options at 7.0, despite of lot of the 7.0 stuff easily being 6.7 worthy.

Yea, but the OP was talking about CAS for 7.3 so it’ll work.

If it’s premium to grind CAS, then you may as well grind for Arado C-3

Which is odd, unless he’s buying the premiums.

The Ju-288 or Do-335 would work decent, but both would get ripped up pretty hard because of the speed disadvantage. The lack of decent CAS for Germany at around 7.0 is rough.

Ahh, I always forget that those exist.

Think they kinda lack good CAS across the board, and often comes in the form of a big plane, a 110,129 or 410, Arados or something else that struggles to defend itself.
Whenever you play against US they have better CAS and that CAS is always a stronger fighter, even able to fight your actual fighters.

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Do-335 B2

Stellar strike aircraft.