What is NATO MPAT ammunition?

I’m getting into a topic that I’m completely ignorant of, so, I was looking on wikipedia and read that Rheinmetall’s 120mm L44 gun used this type of shell here:

  • Multi-Purpose Anti-Tank (MPAT): HEAT projectile with proximity fuze for engaging low-flying, slow-flying aircraft, such as helicopters.
  • I just haven’t found any relevant information on the internet about this bullet, but from what I understand, it should be, roughly, the same as the Russian 3OF26 EDKV on the T-90.

Given that this is a munition used on almost all NATO tanks, I wanted to know if anyone had any information (NOT SECRET) to share, perhaps in the future this type of munition could be proposed on war thunder to increase the variety. in vehicles with the L44 gun.

Anyone kind enough to help me?

P.S. Also, I apologize to the moderators if I’m in the wrong chat, I’m just a bit confused on where to write this topic.

I found a document that show the test of fring US 120mm ammunition on Leopard 2s cannon (L/44 + L/55).
There are M830A1 round included.

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Ok, is there any other info and pictures i could use to open a suggestion?
To apply to introduce them in tanks that use the L44/L55 and consequently the type of ammunition?

The Strv 122s had a proxy round for a couple weeks before it was patched into a time delay fuse.

Almost nations have these shells but Gaijin has been very hesitant to give effective anti-heli rounds to all tanks.


I do not know, speculatively i would say Ka-50 sales would have been impacted by a reliable and available anti-heli shell.

I have already created a suggestion for adding M830A1 to Leopard 2A5/A6 so creating a duplicate is not needed.

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would this automaticaly included leopard 2A7 additions?

I have no idea on that.

Ok, but since other nations also use the L/44 in their tanks, will we have that shell for them as well?
(Leclerc, Abrams, Ariete)
Can you pass me the link to the suggestion?

Abrams already has access to the M830A1 (M1A1 HC, AIM, M1A2 and SEP). For Leclerc and Ariete, no, as there is no evidance for them using the M830A1. Neither exported, nor tested. Being a NATO standard is not a sufficient justification of giving this shell. Also my suggestion is an internal one so I cannot share the link.

How does the internal suggestions work?
Like direct communication with the devs?

So if I opened a hint regarding this topic, how would I know it was a duplicate?

Due to the NDA, I can’t tell you the details without approval. You may ask the smin1080p.

If what is written here is right, it should be compatible on the subject
In theory, if the B2 Centauro is ever added, it should have all NATO ammunition, but still there should be compatibility with the ARIETE cannon, right?

As for the Ariete, this is the site of its builders, it says here that it shoots all NATO ammunition, do you want more official news?


Yeah, then give DM53 to M1A2 and M829A3 to Leopard 2A6… or M900 to Leopard 1A5!
Being compatible does not justify giving a shell to a tank.

So, if I find an official document, where a tank uses that specific shot, can I open a hint to introduce it?

For example, if I were to find a document, where France produces an MPAT type fault for the Leclerc tank, I find the specifications, features, images and more, could it be introduced?


So? I think that’s a good clue in itself, huh?

The M339 is the ultimate multipurpose tank munition for field and urban warfare. The M339 offers high hit chance and lethality with low collateral damage at all combat ranges. The cartridge destroys bunkers, field fortifications and urban structures, LAVs and medium protection armored APCs and is highly lethal against dismounted infantry. The M339 is capable of penetrating double 200mm reinforced concrete walls and has a delayed warhead actuation. The programmable, multifunctional fuze has three modes of operation: Point Detonation Delay (PDD), Point Detonation (PD), and Air Burst (AB). The M339 complies with MIL-SPEC and NATO STANAG 4385 and 4493 requirements. It is compatible with NATO 120mm smoothbore L44 and L55 cannons. The M339 is designed for use with Leopard 2A4/A5/A6, Ariete, K1A1/A2, K2, M1A1/A2, M60A3.